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iOS 8.1.1 – Perfomance Check On iPhone 4S & iPad 2

Perfomance Check – The most recent iOS update takes care, as Apple has promised, special attention to the stability and performance on the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2. This was also urgently needed because the update to iOS 8 did not particularly does well at these two devices. However, does the update to iOS 8.1.1 really fulfilled it? Still in… Read More »

Google Contributor – Pay For Ad Free Websites

Google Contributor – Many banner advertisements on the Internet run on Google’s Adsense service. Website owners are able to  display advertisement banners on their site and earn the one or the other penny with it. Now Google has launched an experiment in the United States, which could sound interesting to some readers. It is named ‘Contributor’.   For a monthly fee you… Read More »

iPhone 6 Plus Camera Problems

iPhone 6 Plus Camera Problems – At the Apple forum the entries about problems with the iPhone 6 Plus camera slowly increases. The users reporting there, partly about strongly blurred images. It is believed, for the devices involved, that the optical image stabilizer is defective and thus a regular focus of the motifs is excluded. In a video clip… Read More »

Twitter’s New Search Feature Also Finds Older Tweets

Twitter’s New Search Feature – Twitter continues to hold fast to the changes and gives the users in the coming days, an opportunity to find tweets that were dropped since the launch of Twitter in 2006. The microblogging service allows you to search for items from the past so far only to a limited extent. Nearly 500 billion… Read More »

Beats Music App Natively On All iPhones In 2015

Beats Music App – Users of Apple devices could soon feel the first effects of the large Beats acquisition. The Financial Times claims to have learned from well-informed sources, that as of 2015, Beats Music will natively integrated on all iPhones. As the music streaming service is not yet available world-wide, the news will not matter to us… Read More »

Apple Maps Connect – Apple Improves Its Maps

Apple Maps Connect – In addition to the launch of Apple Maps Connect, a service that enables companies to sign the Apple maps, the company also expanded the list of providers. Like the site ‘Apple Maps Marketing’ has revealed, currently thirteen providers for the timeliness of the business in the maps are now responsible. So far, we always… Read More »

New Apple Watch Font – San Francisco

New Apple Watch Font – With the Apple Watch Apple introduces a new, specially created font. The as yet unnamed design is now called in the future “San Francisco”. The font was designed specifically for the Apple Watch and according to the license it may only be used for this. Apple, therefore provides the character set completely free… Read More »