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The Best Smartphone Is Currently The iPhone 6

The Best Smartphone – Of course, depending on the perspective that you set for yourself, smartphones could be  evaluated different. The Wall Street Journal has nevertheless tried – now where the year is coming to an end and all manufacturers (should) presented their smartphones – to elect the currently best and finally chose the iPhone 6. Overall, the… Read More »

Centrum – OS X Yosemite-inspired Notification Center

Centrum – A jailbreak tweak and available for a dollar right now from Cydia under the BigBoss repo, Centrum is an iPad-only tweak. It also has the added benefit of not completely obscuring what’s happening on-screen, so if you’re using a calculator widget for example, you’ll still be able to see your spreadsheet while doing your sums. Something many… Read More »

Twitter Ads – Twitter Soon Knows Installed iOS Apps

Twitter Ads – In the new version of the Twitter application, which arrives today, the network wants to go one step further – along the lines of Facebook – and display personalized advertising. Twitter namely wants to find out immediately what apps you have installed on your iPhone or iPad. There are no data taken from these apps –… Read More »

Apple Patent: OS X Touch Screen Edition- Even On iPad

OS X Touch Screen Edition – A new patent of Apple fuels again powerful the rumor mill around a 12 “iPad. OS X could make his debut soon on the iPad. More precisely, the patent shows an OS X with touchscreen support. Interesting at it is the description of the patent: There it is named to that it’ll will support MacBooks and iPads.… Read More »

Apple Watch Microsite Show Now More Details

Apple Watch Microsite – In order not to let it to be quite so quiet around the Apple Watch, Apple has today revised the US microsite of its for 2015 planned SmartWatch. The Group thereby clearly goes into more detail than before, provides first prepared animations and explains the functions considerably more accurate. Three new pages can be… Read More »

Apple Loses Maps-Senior Engineer At Uber

Apple Loses Maps-Senior Engineer – Apple has trouble keeping his top managers in the Maps area. Just recently, Brad Moore, a senior manager for the maps, left the company in the direction of ‘Uber’. This was reported 9to5Mac, citing on informtations from insiders. Moore was responsible for the development of new Maps apps on iOS and OS X,… Read More »

iOS Safari Search – Google No Longer As Default

iOS Safari Search – The place as default search in Safari on iOS is more than popular. A significant proportion of mobile traffic is associated with this integration. So far, Google has held the seat since 2007 as standard search engine. While there can be set other seach engines like Bing, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo – only few do… Read More »