Apple Patent – iOS Navigation With A Human Touch

iOS Navigation – The turn-by-turn navigation in Apple’s maps app, is with the voice of Siri very unpersonal and gives only instuctions like: “Turn right in 200 meters”. Apple wants to change this now and already applied in 2013 for a patent which has now found its way to the public. So the instructions should become more human… Read More »

Apple Watch Display Problems – The Display Dissolves

Apple Watch Display Problems – No sooner is the Apple Watch released, the first problems appear. Many owners of the sports model already reported that with the use, the display apparently dissolves from the housing. The glass surface is therefore no longer completely on the aluminum housing. The gap between the display and the housing is only visiable… Read More »

Apple Releases Latest Quarterly Report For Q2 2015

Apple Releases Latest Quarterly Report – The first calendar quarter of 2015 coincided with the second fiscal quarter and it closes by end the of March. Time again for the latest quarterly figures of the Californian company. It starts as usual with the general data of the Group. Apple could earn remarkable $ 58.01 billion in sales in… Read More »

Apple Watch & iPhone – How To Reduce Battery Drain

Apple Watch & iPhone – With the new Apple Watch, new problems arise to Apple and the users. It is reported on the website of the Californian company about multiple problems during the loading process and a higher power consumption of the iPhone. The one problem is that the watch does not load, can also occur when it… Read More »

iOS 8.4 Beta 2 Released – What’s new?

iOS 8.4 Beta 2 – Apple distributed the second beta of iOS 8.4 to registered developers and participants of the public beta program. The new version includes bug fixes and performance improvements of the first beta. This was released mid-April and includes an all-new music app. We’ve seen the extensive redesign with all the features in detail. The… Read More »

Emoji Interpretations – Apple vs. Android

Emoji Interpretations – Thanks to the wide range of different emoji, you can save so many words at one or the other piece of text. Respectively, texts can be upgraded with emoticons and a tangible expression be given. Since the emoji are often not consistent across platforms and there are differences between iOS and Android emoji, you should better… Read More »

Apple’s Environmental Protection – Better Start’s Here

Apple’s Environmental Protection – A few days after it was announced that Apple has bought a private piece of forest for the manufacture of its packaging and opened a huge solar farm in China, the company emphasizes its commitment in a new video about its environmental protection. There, the own activities are emphasized in order to sell products and services,… Read More »