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WatchSpring – Apple Watch Springboard On iOS 8

WatchSpring – After the AppleWatch for iPhone concept which floating the internet already, the new user interface of Apple Watch is now available as iOS 8 Jailbreak tweak. Even with iOS 8.1, the surface and the design of the iPhone operating system has changed only less, with the Apple Smart Watch, Apple goes however a completely new way and… Read More »

Audio Hijack Pro – Record iPhone Calls On Your Mac

Audio Hijack Pro – The tool makes it possible in the latest version, to simply record calls from iPhone on Mac. A prerequisite for this: On the iPhone must be installed iOS 8.1. In addition to iOS 8.1 on the Mac must be also installed OS X Yosemite. The “Phone Relay” function allows than the recording in an easy way. As… Read More »

iOS 8 Adoption Rate After 6 Weeks At 50 %

iOS 8 Adoption Rate – Six weeks after the launch of iOS 8, the operating system now runs on 52 percent of devices. Apple shows this in his Developer area. That is, even the publication of the lack erber unifying iOS 8.1 update as well as the announcement of the first jailbreak (from which we still seriously advise against… Read More »

Despite China & India: Apple Will Never Build A Cheap iPhone

Cheap iPhone – After Apple CEO Tim Cook recently designated China as the most important future market for the company and also harbors ambitions to India, again the rumors of cheaper iPhone models arise. Finally, Apple would need for emerging economies like India, for example, a cheaper iPhone for there to be able to also achieve satisfactory sales? This question… Read More »

AFC2 Support On iOS 8 Jailbreak

AFC2 Support On iOS 8 Jailbreak – For those who prefer to manage iOS’s file system via USB, there are some good news. Saurik pushed an AFC package called Apple File Conduit 2 for the iOS 8 Jailbreak users. The package, could be downloaded from Cydia and allows users to browse the entire iOS root file system when the device is connected… Read More »

App Rejection: Apple Sends Pornographic Image To Developer

App Rejection – An iOS developer currently got together with the rejection of his app a pornographic image in the attachment of the mail being sent – directly from Apple. An employee of the iCompany has looked more deeper into the App by the developer and was looking for errors. The app allowed the employee to surf to pornographic… Read More »

Best iOS 8 Tweaks – List Of Our Favorite Working Tweaks

Best iOS 8 Tweaks – Along with the iOS 8 jailbreak released by PanGu we have received questions for compatible tweaks. As on the latest iOS version still not all programs are available from the Cydia Store we’ve picked out the best tweaks that run smoothly. If you want to get rid of your favorites, there is enough space… Read More »