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iOS 8 – Thirty Suggestions For Apple’s Next Mobile OS

iOS 8 – Thirty Suggestions For Apple’s Next Operating System. iOS 8 is around the corner and the wish list is getting longer. What do you expect from the new operating system for your iPhones, iPads or iPods? The first major iOS update after the brave design turnaround – and lots of suggestions as always, are around. The author Frederico Viticci provides a very comprehensive list ready, we would like to… Read More »

Future OS X Names – Yosemite, Redwood & Co?

Future OS X Names – Yosemite, Redwood & Co? OS X Mavericks is the first Mac operating system, which was named after a famous Californian Location. Apple could relate this notation also to the successors. This now suggest a new trademark applications that have been discovered by the French blog Consomac. The brands are registered by the subsidiaries Yosemite Research LLC and Coast Research LLC. Specifically, it is related to the software domain… Read More »

Conference Call: The Interesting Facts In An Overview

Conference Call: The Interesting Facts In An Overview. Following the announcement of the quarterly results, Apple’s boardroom is always answering the questions of interested investors and analysts in a quarterly conference call. The 60-minute recording of the Conference Call can now be listened live and in the next two weeks, on this special page. Our list of the most important statements:  Angela Ahrendts begins next week at Apple 800.000.000 iTunes… Read More »

Mac OS X Beta For All – iOS 8 Beta Without Dev Account?

Mac OS X Beta For All – iOS 8 Beta Without Dev Account? Try out software without an Apple Developer account and use Beta? Apple has opened its Beta-Seed for the latest Mac OS X 10.9.3 beta for free. Now every user can download beta versions of Apple’s Mac operating system free of charge according to a filing. It is much more interesting, however, whether Apple will also allow a wide… Read More »

iOS 7.1 Provides Reference To Siri For AppleTV

iOS 7.1 Provides Reference To Siri For AppleTV. Once again, in the depths of the property-list files from iOS 7.1 (.1) there is an indication of possible functions for the next Apple TV. In the documents, the marking of the AppleTV is associated with Siri, which at least suggests that Apple will bring voice control to its set-top box. The code section is to sift through both the files from iOS… Read More »

iWatch Could Replace The iPod

The analyst Christopher Caso (via Barron’s) continues to adhere to his conjecture, the iWatch would come by the end of the year in two display sizes. Apple planning for 5-6 million units for this year. But he has now supplemented  a passage to its report: We, however, aren’t assuming a material impact to earnings from iWatch, since the iWatch would essentially replace the iPod in the consumer portion of AAPL’s… Read More »

Auki – Quick Reply Tweak

Auki – Quick Reply Tweak. Auki is maybe the best Cydia tweak which provides you quick reply as you’ll like it. Auki is developed by Surenix and Benno and doesn’t just offer a quick reply function but also features a silent mode just like muting groups in WhatsApp but in this case, it can be applied to an individual contact. The quick reply function works just like other quick reply functions. When you… Read More »

iOS 7.1.1 – Apple Releases Latest Firmware Update

iOS 7.1.1 – Apple has just released the latest firmware update. The update is available for all devices and mainly deals with bug fixes. The update is currently only available via Over-the-Air and is around 26 MB big. iOS 7.1.1 was only discovered a few days ago in the statistics of some U.S. sites and brings only minor but important fixes for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Also, improvements in fingerprint… Read More »