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Trojan mRat – Hacker Attack On Hong Kong Protesters

Mobile Trojan mRat – A security company has discovered in Hong Kong a sophisticated Trojan that attacks Android and iOS. Apparently he comes from China and is directed against the demonstrators who are protesting in the capital currently for greater democracy. With a rare Trojan for mobile phones, probably Chinese hackers have attacked the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. The spyware infects not only Android phones but can also infect the Apple… Read More »

iCloud – First App With Anonymous Login Available

iCloud – The at WWDC mentioned only in the subordinate clause iCloud Login for Apps now finds its way into the App Store. As part of Apple’s WWDC, the iCompany introduces CloudKit and now offers the possibility to verify via iCloud in apps and their networks. So Apple has found an alternative to the usually rather awkward Facebook login and replaced at the same time the registering with manual data entry. CloudKit… Read More »

iOS 8.1: Replaced LTE-Switch With Detailed Options

iOS 8.1 – A small, but particularly with regard to battery life, Apple has established a significant change in the settings of iOS 8.1. The previous LTE-switch has been replaced by more detailed options. With the next major update, users can also restrict finally the 3G network of a LTE-capable device. In the settings under “Mobile Network” and “Voice and data” , it can be selected between LTE 4G, 3G and… Read More »

OS X Yosemite GM – Apple Releases 1st Release Candidate

OS X Yosemite GM – It might already be the very last beta of OS X Yosemite because of the rumored October 14th, and this is not too far away. Apple has just distributed the Golden Master of OS X Yosemite to its developers. For the time being, at least with the apposition “Candidate 1.0″. This marks the ninth and [likely] final Developer Preview of Yosemite as Apple prepares to officially… Read More »

Apple Watch: Separate iPhone-Tool For Settings & Apps

Apple Watch – To operate the Apple Watch the iPhone seems inevitable. Via Bluetooth LE the clock connects with the Apple cell phone. On this then a separate application is there to manage the affairs of the Smart Watch, as now blogger Ariel Adams, who has achieved the first real review, confirmed. With use of the app, particular settings can be made. This has not only the reason that it is… Read More »

iOS 8 Bugs – iPad Users Complain About Not Installing Apps

iOS 8 Bugs – No sooner the drama about iOS 8.0.1 has ended, the next big bug on iOS 8 appears. Lots of iPad Air owners complain about apps that aren’t loading anymore. For the first time the bug has appeared more than a week ago in the Apple Support Forum. You can indeed click on the Download button in the App Store, but that’s all. The app is in “Preparing” mode, nothing… Read More »

Launcher-Widget: A Petition And An Alternative Widget

Launcher-Widget – At the weekend, the announcement about the ‘Takedown’ of the widget launcher, causes mixed feelings among it’s users. The extension for the notification center made it possible to start apps directly from the Notification Cener. Apple, however, put no large pieces on the app and quickly pulled the ripcord, despite all the efforts of developer Greg Gardner. At his own blog, the Developer describes the situation: Apple told me I could release an… Read More »