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AppBuyer – iOS Jailbreak Malware Steals Your Data

AppBuyer – The Security research firm Palo Alto Networks reported this weekend about a new iOS malware that’s affecting jailbroken devices. It’s called ‘AppBuyer,’ and it’s programmed to steal a user’s Apple ID and password. The program is a Trojan, set to execute three actions. First, it downloads an EXE file to generate a unique UUID, second it downloads a Cydia Substrate tweak to steal the user’s ID and password, and third, it downloads a… Read More »

Apple A8 – Some Details About The New iPhone 6 Chipset

Apple A8 – With the iPhone 6, for the first time a six-core GPU is used and supports a new texture compression. At the Full HD display of the 5.5″ model, Apple uses downsampling. After a first analysis of Anandtech a new graphics component from Imagination is integrated into the A8 Chip which is built-in at the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It will be the six-core GPU GX6650 from the… Read More »

Ginger – iOS 8 Keyboard With Good Ideas But….

Ginger – As we approach the release of iOS 8 tomorrow, we would like to show with Ginger a keyboard that will soon find its way to the iPhone. On Android, the keyboard has been downloaded millions of times, so the developers want to tackle iOS now. Ginger is one of the most feature rich keyboards that have been announced for iPhone or iPad. With the so-called “Pager”, there are even… Read More »

Apple Help’s Users To Remove Unwanted U2 Album

Unwanted U2 Album – Apple last week decided to give all iTunes registered users U2’s upcoming album, “Songs of Innocence” for free. Many showed dissatisfaction with Apple’s move to automatically insert the album into their cloud-based iTunes account without asking. If you were one of these users who complained, Apple has now officially presented an easy and simple solution. The Cupertino-based company has a web portal dedicated to users who… Read More »

OS X Yosemite – Apple Releases 3rd Public Beta & DP8

OS X Yosemite DP 8 – Before launching in October, Apple has now released the third public beta for OS X Yosemite that can be downloaded by all registered participants. The update includes among others the innovations of the seventh developer preview that was distributed in early September. In the former updates Apple has made ​​some changes in night mode and icon design. Simultaneously with the release of the third public beta,… Read More »

Apple Pay – Moven CEO Says Bankcards Are Outdated

Apple Pay – While many assume that bank cards from plastic will be replaced in the near future by apps, the CEO of Moven – a Mobile Banking StartUp – manifests itself clearly. In his view, physical bank cards could be gone within two to three years from the market. While in Europe and Asia it is being waived on cards with magnetic strips, they even more relies on integrated chips –… Read More »

iPhone 6 PSD And Apple Watch PSD Are Available

iPhone 6 PSD – The designers on the platform Pixeden provide now Apple’s latest product series for download. In three small sets, each containing not more than 2 MB, the designers offer the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as a PSD file. The files should so help to draw graphics and are used for website design and illustration. The devices are shown either frontally or perspective. The PSD file grants the… Read More »

Apple Watch Readability: Apple Develops Its Own Font

Apple Watch Readability – To guarantee the Apple Watch a good readability of the text, Apple has created especially a custom font. On the technology side about the Smart Watch, Apple advertises the yet unnamed font. Cupertino has already developed in its history, some fonts. For example ‘Chicago’ of Susan Kare, which was used in Macintosh and the first iPod, is the best known. In iOS 7 and OS X Yosemite is ‘Helvetica… Read More »