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Apple Watch Display: AMOLED Displays Supplied By LG

Apple Watch Display – In two different screen sizes, the Apple Watch will come on the market in early 2015. Previously it was not clear who will take over the production of the display. According to new report from Digitimes, Apple has chosen LG as supplier and turned down a 50 million deal with Samsung. Apple have ordered about 5,000,000 AMOLED displays from LG, which now built in regularly into the Apple Watch.… Read More »

Privacy Offensive: Apple Launches New Website For Privacy

Privacy Offensive – Apple has after the release of iOS 8 also released a new website, which is like a data protection offensive. Apple would like to point out in this new website, the sensitivity of the Group is in the handling of the personal data of customers and also explains how accordingly they can be protected. Tim Cook even published an open letter to customers with an important sentence “At… Read More »

iOS 8 – Live Graphics Of Current Distribution

iOS 8 – That the launch of iOS 8 runs more soberly, as of the completely redesigned iOS 7, is not surprising. This is supported by these statistics and live graphics, we want to show you today.   The above study shows the launch of iOS 7 (dark blue), iOS 8 (green) and iOS 6 (light blue) and iOS 5 (red) in comparison. The data were measured on each web traffic to various… Read More »

iesight – Another Sight Of Life

iesight – During the last months we presented you iSevenuos and iSkeuos the previous themes of iPhoneiHelper (Paarth) and today we are glad, that we have had the chance to show you his latest work: ‘iesight’. ‘iesight’ is a 3-in-1 Theme. There are 3 possibilities to use it: light, dark and clear. That means, that the icons will have a light gray, dark gray or no framing. At the mods you can choose… Read More »

Apple Event 2nd – Next Apple Event May Be On 21st Oct.

Apple Event – You may already bringing out the calendar and mark the next Apple event. According to the consolidating notes, Tim Cook will again be on the stage in the second half of October and announce some news. Just now, the portal The Daily Dot has even named a specific date. According to the report, the next press conference will be held on October 21st. We keep the date with… Read More »

iCloud Drive – Be Carful When Switching To iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive – Today for all the supported iDevices, iOS 8 is being released, while the users expect many new features with it, including iCloud Drive, a Dropbox alternative for all Apple-intensive users caution should be exercised!!! The possibility with iCloud Drive to share documents and data between two or synchronize multiple Apple devices, will be an useful feature for many users, which has been long awaited. The problem that now come… Read More »

Ambre – Fossil Power For Your iDevice

Amber – During the iOS7.x Jailbreak season, @Frenchitouch published a lot of amazing Themes and today we are proud to present you Ambre. The icons are themed in the typical Frechitouch-Style. Each icon (more than 300) is hand-made and suits to the overview. Also the Style of the 8 iWidgets fits absolutely to this great art-work. As you can see at the overview, Ambre is very varied useable. Ambre is a full-Theme,… Read More »

Apple A8 – Some Details About The New iPhone 6 Chipset

Apple A8 – With the iPhone 6, for the first time a six-core GPU is used and supports a new texture compression. At the Full HD display of the 5.5″ model, Apple uses downsampling. After a first analysis of Anandtech a new graphics component from Imagination is integrated into the A8 Chip which is built-in at the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It will be the six-core GPU GX6650 from the… Read More »