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iOS 8.1 – Apple Releases iOS 8.1 With Numerous Bug Fixes

iOS 8.1 – Apple has released iOS 8.1. The update should just do anything better, what went wrong with the previous versions of iOS 8. Among other things, the update will fix the well known Bluetooth problems, take care of a stable Wi-Fi connection and fixing some problems with Touch ID. In addition, iOS 8.1 delivers now SMS Relay, a function,… Read More »

iOS Public Beta Program – Why Not?

iOS Public Beta Program – Do you remember? Almost half a year the beta program lasts for registered developers for testing iOS 8. As the autumn update was ultimately released in mid-September, it stood out not so much by its features but made ​​headlines with preventable software faults, function dropouts and annoying app crashes. On the other hand: Yosemite… Read More »

Apple Quarterly Report Q4 2014 – Strong iPhones, Strong Macs & weak iPads

Apple Quarterly Report Q4 2014 – Apple has yesterday revealed the fresh quarterly figures from the last quarter. Although the Q4 2014 includes the iPhone launch, but only for a few days. However, the smartphone is in the focus. Here all sales and sales figures at a glance. Apple’s Sales Figures The beginning is done as always by… Read More »

HomeKit Finally In 2015 – Reason Why The Apple TV 4 Is Delayed?

HomeKit Finally In 2015 – At the WWDC, Apple has also presented as an innovation of iOS 8, the HomeKit. The platform will bring the connected home in momentum and drive the development of apps for this project. HomeKit connect together all systems and then should allow the control of the Apple TV via Siri – centrally and without effort.… Read More »

OS X Yosemite’s Markup Feature And Mail Drop

OS X Yosemite’s Markup Feature – With OS X Yosemite, Apple brings quite a few new features on the active Macs and also the mail application get some new features. Two of the new features are namely Markup and Mail drop. What exactly it is and how it works we’ll try to explain below. Markup Markup focuses on program-internal processing… Read More »

iStat Mini – Widget Brings System Information To Your Screen

iStat Mini – The newly released widget iStat Mini could save many users of OS X Yosemite the detour in the activity indicators of their Macs. The newly released tool with the catchy name iStat mini shows namely in the notification center the key data in real time. Thus, the widget shows next to CPU consumption also the… Read More »

Handoff – Enable Teamwork Between iPhone & Mac

Handoff – Handoff is probably one of the most advanced features that in the Apple brings together with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. The function that we have already explained in detail here, enables the seamless and wireless transition between all current Apple products. With Handoff, you can start on the iPad writing a mail message and… Read More »