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Hazardous Health App Is On The App Store

Hazardous Health App – On imedicalapps.com currently a story is getting aloud, which refers to the use of risk about medically useful apps. More specifically, it’s about “Instant Blood Pressure – Blood Pressure Monitor Using only your iPhone.” The application promises unknowing users to display the current blood pressure and alerts them if problems may occur. The app works with the… Read More »

iMessage iOS 8: No Disable Switch For Voice Messages

iMessage iOS 8 – With iOS 8, iMessage was significantly enhanced and there the voice messages have been added that you already know from WhatsApp. However, many users are disturbed by this little microphone next to the input field, which why they want it to be able to remove it – this option is likely not to be implemented soon.… Read More »

Apple Event – Spring Forward Event Announced For March 9th

Apple Event – Apple has sent out this morning its press invitations for a special event, set to take place on Monday, March 9th. The presentation is straighten under the motto “Spring Forward”, an allusion to the period in the spring and the progress that Apple sees with the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is also the key word, because that’s… Read More »

Apple Hires Numerous Samsung Engineers

Apple Hires Numerous Samsung Engineers – At Apple, engineers should enjoy more salary, more responsibility and a higher independence. These attractants apparently gets Apple numerous Samsung employees in their own stock and thus upset the competition. According to a report by the Korea Times (via G4Games), there are primarily chip experts and professionals from the field of battery research, which Apple… Read More »

Apple Utopias: Plastic iPhone 6c & iSaber

Apple Utopias – Beside all the rumors, there must also be time for dreaming with some amazing concepts from design studios. These designs, which we’ll want to show you, it will probably stay closer to a dream. iSaber: Apple’s laser sword Apple’s design chief Jonathan Ive is supposedly to have advised JJ Abrams, the director of “Star Wars: The Force… Read More »

iOS 8.3 & OS X 10.10.3 – Second Beta Just Seeded By Apple

iOS 8.3 & OS X 10.10.3 – Apple has released the 2nd beta of it’s upcoming iOS 8.3 & OS X 10.10.3 to its developers. The arrival of the inaugural iOS 8.3 beta just two weeks ago was surprising to many, especially given that iOS 8.2 is also currently being prepared for public consumption. It’s certainly an unusual step on Apple’s part,… Read More »

Public iOS Betas – iOS 8.3 & iOS 9 To Become Public Beta

Public iOS Betas – Apple would surely do the development of iOS a big favor! After last year OS X 10.10 has been published as a public beta, Apple will perform the same procedure for iOS this year. 9to5Mac has learned from informed sources that mid-March already iOS 8.3 is going into public beta. This allows each user who… Read More »