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Downgrade iOS 9 Public Beta To 8.4

Downgrade iOS 9 Public Beta To 8.4 – Who has become covered with the now publicly available Beta of iOS 9 and want to go back again, can do this only to iOS 8.4. All other versions aren’t signed anymore by Apple. Are there diverse errors in the beta? Does your favorite app stops working? Is the battery life bad?… Read More »

Handoff4S – Enable Handoff On iPhone 4S

Handoff4S – Handoff is one of the new features of iOS 8 that allows you to start a business, for example, on Mac and finish it on iPad, or placing a call on the iPad and then move it to iPhone. This feature, however, was limited by Apple to iPhone 5 or later, leaving out older devices such as… Read More »

iPhone 6s – Everything We Know About The Smartphone

iPhone 6s – This fall, Apple will launch two new iPhone that should be called “6s” and “6s Plus”, the face that it will most likely only hardware upgrades, without any changes in the design. In recent months we have read many rumors, but only a few can be considered truly reliable. We find out what.   Display and… Read More »

Unwanted Rotation Lock On The iPad

Unwanted Rotation Lock On The iPad – After a long time in idle status, it is common that many iPads with iOS 8.4 get to an involuntary rotation lock. This is evident from several users. In the long term, only Apple can solve the problem. If you wake up your iPad from hibernation, the screen content rotates in many cases… Read More »

Vulnerability in iOS/OS X: Apple Working On A Fix

Vulnerability in iOS/OS X – A few days ago we told you about a serious vulnerability in iOS and OS X that allows malware to take passwords from the iCloud-keychain and third party Apps. This was already discovered in October 2014, but only made public this week. Now Apple responded in a statement on official accusations. Opposite iMore, Apple… Read More »

Vulnerability – iOS/OS X Vulnerable To Password Theft

Vulnerability  – As researchers at the Indiana University in Beijing found that Apple’s password management in iOS and OS X is obviously highly vulnerable to attacks, Cupertino seems, however, to ignore the error. If you believe the report from the page ‘The Register’ – and there are currently good reasons – it is possible to almost every app developer with… Read More »

WWDC15: iOS 9, OS X 10.11, Apple Beats

In a few minutes starts the WWDC15 here can you watch the event. Let’s see which new features are at iOS9. What’s better at OS x 10.11. And What Tim Cook will show us.