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iOS 8.2 Beta 3 – Apple Releaes Third Beta To Developers

iOS 8.2 Beta 3 – Apple has now released the third preview version of iOS 8.2. The update contains, according to the description no particularly notable innovations and cares primarily about bug fixes. The last beta of iOS 8.2 has been released only one week ago. Apple is at the moment laying out a remarkably high release rate. That this… Read More »

Apple Reminds Developers On 64-bit Architecture

Apple Reminds Developers – Already in October, Apple has announced to developers that from February 1st, 2015, all new apps must support the 64-bit architecture of the new iPhones and iPads. Now Apple remembers again about the faster coming deadline. Yesterday Apple has reminded all developers via email to the said 1 February 2015. In the transcript it is said:… Read More »

WhatsApp Blocks Spamers In The Future

WhatsApp Blocks Spamers – From translation needs on the website translate.whatsapp.com, it shows that the Messenger plans to introduce an automatic blocking system for spammers. Who strikingly often consecutively sends the same message to different contacts that could be suspected to be a carrier of a chain letter and will be blocked for a limited time. The two notes, which… Read More »

Apple Earnings – Where Apple’s Money Comes From

Apple Earnings – A new infographic from Business Insider gives us information as to what areas Apple’s revenue is splitted to. Overall, Apple’s Earnings in 2014, a good 220 billion dollars worth. For more than half of  it, the iPhone is responsible – the two latest models are namely enjoying great popularity. In second place, with “only” $ 36 billion, the… Read More »

Apple X-Mas: Apple Gifts Employees With Backpacks

Apple X-Mas – Currently a lot of packages from Cupertino go out to many Apple employees. There: A black backpack with an Apple logo on it, which is flanked by a letter with Christmas greetings. In the letter, the Board would like to thank each and every employee for “great moments” which could be done only with the help of… Read More »

iOS 8.2 Health App Allows Disabling Pedometer

iOS 8.2 Health App – The Health App on iOS 8 has often been advocated in the past that the standard enabled pedometer, distance tracking, can’t be disabled. The iPhone has – whether you want it or not – always recorded the data in the background and saved them to the app. In the beta version of iOS 8.2, but… Read More »

Apple Watch Menu Icons For Developers

Apple Watch Menu Icons – With the iOS 8.2 Beta 1 & 2 already the first templates for Apple Watch apps could be created. As the bridge, WatchKit is used by the developers since it is available for them since November. However, what does the best conditions gives, unless you have the graphics for it? Who, for example, ever wants… Read More »