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Handoff – Enable Teamwork Between iPhone & Mac

Handoff – Handoff is probably one of the most advanced features that in the Apple brings together with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. The function that we have already explained in detail here, enables the seamless and wireless transition between all current Apple products. With Handoff, you can start on the iPad writing a mail message and… Read More »

iStat Mini – Widget Brings System Information To Your Screen

iStat Mini – The newly released widget iStat Mini could save many users of OS X Yosemite the detour in the activity indicators of their Macs. The newly released tool with the catchy name iStat mini shows namely in the notification center the key data in real time. Thus, the widget shows next to CPU consumption also the… Read More »

How To: Record Video From iPhone & iPad

Record Video From iPhone & iPad – With OS X Yosemite, Apple finally allows to create screen videos from the iPhone or iPad without much effort. However, the innovation that seems to be of secondary importance, is great in particular for developing an app and than to use the app preview clips on the App Store. For smaller shots in… Read More »

OS X Yosemite More Popular Than Mavericks

OS X Yosemite – After yesterday’s launch of OS X Yosemite already early analyzes gives us a rough overview of the popularity of the new operating system. According to figures from AddThis, which has investigated about 13 million websites, Yosemite is already installed on 2% of the Macs. The predecessor – OS X Mavericks – had only reached 1.2%… Read More »

iPad Air 2 & iPad mini 3 Comparison – Top or Flop?

iPad Air 2 & iPad mini 3 Comparison – Apple also unveiled the iPad mini 3 next to the new iPad Air 2, both new iPad can be ordered now at the Apple Store. While Apple spoke at length about the new Apple A8X processor of the iPad Air 2 and the enormous performance gain, the iPad mini… Read More »

iPad Air 2 – This Is The New iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2 – Apple has hold its much anticipated media event at the corporate Town Hall campus in Cupertino, California and the company has announced the iPad Air 2. As suspected, the tablet is even thinner than the current-generation iPad Air and, yes, it comes in Gold. And guess what it’s called. Yes, the iPad Air 2.… Read More »

OS X Yosemite – Prepare Yourself The Right Way

OS X Yosemite – It won’t be too long before Apple releases the next generation of OS X to the world. It can even not hurt, to look at the system requirements for Yosemite and to prepare the Mac for the installation today. According to Apple, Yosemite can be installed on the Macs on which already runs Mavericks: MacBook… Read More »