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Apple A9 – Samsung Will Deliver Around 75 %

Apple A9 – The Apple-A8 CPU, which is used at the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is capable for a very good performance, even over all other competitors he could prevail in various benchmarks. With the Exynos 7420 Samsung has, however, made a very good high performance processor, even outpaced the A8 variant that is used at the iPhone 6… Read More »

iTunes 12.1 For Mac – New Widget For Notification Center

iTunes 12.1 For Mac – Recently, Mac and Windows users can now download iTunes 12.1. The update brings Mac users a long-awaited widget in the notification center. This shows the currently scanned title and allows you the jump forward or pause. Optical reminds the widget on the view from the iOS lockscreen when just playing music. Those who… Read More »

Android Users Switching To iPhone

Android Users Switching To iPhone – Android users are switching increasingly to the iPhone! Unbelievable but true! Stunning numbers: 85 percent of iPhone purchases not come from Apple fans but by other mobile platforms such as Android. Conversely, only 15 percent of iPhone buyers had already in the last quarter a smartphone before buying one of the new generations. Apple… Read More »

Outlook For iOS – Finally Arrived On iPhone & iPad

Outlook For iOS – Outlook is one of the most popular and established mail programs on the market. Finally the client for iOS arrived in the form of an app that supports Microsoft Exchange, Outlook.com, iCloud, Yahoo and Gmail,  and is totally free of charge. The app is based on Acompli, a mail app, which Microsoft acquired by the end… Read More »

iPhone No 1 Billion – It Was An iPhone 6 Plus (64GB)

iPhone No 1 Billion – Who would have thought in 2007 , that Apple already 7 years later sold his 1,000,000,000 iOS device. Already in October, Tim Cook had made public this milestone, now he confirmed that the brand was cracked in November 2014. It was an iPhone 6 Plus with 64GB. The model wasn’t sold, however, because Apple… Read More »

Apple Watch Release Date Revealed

Apple Watch Release Date – The quarterly results conference, Apple used to release new information about Apple Watch. Specifically, it’s release date. Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed in an interview with journalists, analysts and experts that in the fall launched Apple Watch will go live in April. The retail stores are currently being prepared for release, they said. A specific… Read More »

OS X 10.10.2 Release – Are the Wireless Problems Are Now Gone?

OS X 10.10.2 Release – All Mac users should install this update – because OS X 10.10.2 will do much better than the predecessor …. they say!   So Apple will provide an update to the many places observed wireless problems once and for all from the world and provide a constant stable connection. From the beginning, users… Read More »