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iOS 8.3 Beta 4 – Apple Releaes Another iOS 8.3 Beta

iOS 8.3 beta 4 – For developers, it is the fourth and for public testers it is the second. Apple has released another iOS 8.3 beta and made it available for developers and even the public beta tester. The version is named 12F5061. The first betas of iOS 8.3 introduces the wireless CarPlay and brought new Emoji icons… Read More »

FoundationDB: Apple Wants To Optimize The iCloud Server

FoundationDB – Apple has annexed the US database company FoundationDB, as TechCrunch reports. What does not look exciting at first glance, but could make a lot much easier for the company: FoundationDB is specialized to deal quickly and effectively with large amounts of data. Apple is expected to use the software form the company for its iCloud services.… Read More »

Boot Camp – New MacBooks Don’t Support Windows 7

Boot Camp – Apple has been known to cut off old habits sooner rather than later. This old pigtail turns out to be in the latest case now the in 2009 released Windows 7. How Apple in an official support document specifies the recently released MacBook Air Early 2015 and MacBook Pro Retina 13″ Early 2015 won’t support any Windows 7… Read More »

Vesel Case – An iPhone 6-Bumper In A Different way

Vesel Case – Bumper, as a protection for the iPhone, have been known for many years. This one is a kind of a different one. Just the edgy design of the iPhone 4 up to the iPhone 5s made it particularly easy to design something suitable. The rounded design of the iPhone 6 is therefore much more challenging, but Vesel… Read More »

Apple TV 4 – WWDC 2015 May Be The Release Platform

Apple TV 4 – John Paczkowski has a long career as a journalist in the Apple-environment behind himself. Even at AllthingsD and the following Re/code, his statements were considered as heavyweight. Now he writes for BuzzFeed News and lets shows us news of his knowledge from “good sources”. Therefore, Apple will schedule the release of the next and long overdue Apple… Read More »

MacBook-Glass Coating Dissolves – Increased Complaints Arise

MacBook-Glass Coating Dissolves – In the past, the MacBook Pro Retina was affected with defects no matter in which version and display size, such as the freezing of the Retina display. Now it seems another already known minor problem is going to develop itself to a larger one. In countless forums and also in the Apple Support Community… Read More »

OS X 10.10.3 Beta 4 – Apple Seeds 4th Beta To Developers & Public Testers

OS X 10.10.3 Beta 4 – Apple seeded a new beta of its upcoming OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 update to its developers and public testers. The software, labeled build 14D105g, is available through the Update tab in the Mac App Store for public testers, as well as the online Dev Center for all Mac developers. The release comes… Read More »