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iVent – Celebrate Your Device

In my last Preview I told you, that Frenchitouch is a very busy person. Well he did it again. It is a pleasure for me to show you his latest work iVent. It is after 1nka, 0xygen, hiro, Ando, Sinply and BlackEdition the last of his iOS6-Themes, which got an iOS7-face. iVent is a beautiful and handsome theme. Of course, the over 200 icons, with which the theme comes on… Read More »

An Social AppleTV ScreenSaver

When not in use the AppleTV screensaver turns on if necessary after a certain time. Than the pictures from the photo stream or specified sources, for example, National Geographic will be shown at your screen. Who doesn’t want to always see the same photos, Graham Spencer from MacStories has written a nice tip on how to change it. The trick is simply to use, the options given and settings of the service IFTTT… Read More »

PowerPot: Charge Your iPhone & iPad On An Open Fire

PowerPot: Charge Your iPhone & iPad On An Open Fire. The weather is going better from day by day and the temperatures climb slowly into the air. Soon the camping time comes back again. Who is than at camping and is doing his cookings on an open fire, for those we’ve found a must-have for real men. Sure – the PowerPot V can also be used by women. The pot has… Read More »

Next OS X Could Be Called ‘OS X Napa’

Next OS X Could Be Called ‘OS X Napa’. Only a few more weeks we’ll have to wait, then the next WWDC is just around the corner. The annual developer conference is not only the most important date if it is about new software from Apple this year, but the first event ever held in 2014 under the hood of Tim Cook. Correspondingly great is the anticipation on 2nd June. In… Read More »

iWatch Release Set For September 2014

iWatch Release Set For September 2014. The rumors surrounding Apple’s iWatch run these days also in full swing. Now a launch with the iPhone 6 seems virtually certain. According to an actual report from the Digitimes, Apple gets send the first prototypes of components being used inside. Accordingly, the three suppliers Flexium Interconnect, Zhen Ding Technology Holding Career and Technology have each sent a flexible printed circuit boards for acceptance… Read More »

AppleTV 4 – Development Of New Box Confirmed By FCC Leak

AppleTV 4 – Development Of New Box Confirmed By FCC Leak. Evidence for the Apple TV 4 appeared! While the competition is up to date with the super low cost ‘ChromeCast’ and wants to tear the TV, Amazon has introduced the new Amazon Fire TV  and implemented the things that had actually been awarded to the AppleTV 4, now it seems the release of the new Apple TV 4 is… Read More »

iPhone 6s – New Baseband Chip Directly From Apple?

iPhone 6s – New Baseband Chip Directly From Apple? No release date for the iPhone 6 yet but you can already find yourself rumors about the iPhone 6s or the new iPhone in 2015. According to a report by Qualcomm, Apple will take over for baseband chips and even the design of the chips in 2015. However, the sources contend so far whether Apple is going to a SoC solution and… Read More »

Student Found Passbook Hack To Gain Free Flights

Student Found Passbook Hack To Gain Free Flights. Totally free flights to a dream holiday destination and that at first class? When it becomes to the 18-years-old computer science student Anthony Harinton (aka @DaKnObCS), that isn’t a problem. An iPhone and a computer should suffice. And a little criminal activity could probably also does not hurt if you are planning to gain free a plane tickets using a passbook hack.… Read More »