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Vulnerability in iOS/OS X: Apple Working On A Fix

Vulnerability in iOS/OS X – A few days ago we told you about a serious vulnerability in iOS and OS X that allows malware to take passwords from the iCloud-keychain and third party Apps. This was already discovered in October 2014, but only made public this week. Now Apple responded in a statement on official accusations. Opposite iMore, Apple… Read More »

Vulnerability – iOS/OS X Vulnerable To Password Theft

Vulnerability  – As researchers at the Indiana University in Beijing found that Apple’s password management in iOS and OS X is obviously highly vulnerable to attacks, Cupertino seems, however, to ignore the error. If you believe the report from the page ‘The Register’ – and there are currently good reasons – it is possible to almost every app developer with… Read More »

WWDC15: iOS 9, OS X 10.11, Apple Beats

In a few minutes starts the WWDC15 here can you watch the event. Let’s see which new features are at iOS9. What’s better at OS x 10.11. And What Tim Cook will show us.

Pic Scanner: iOS Photo-Scanning-App Gets A Refresh

Pic Scanner, the popular iOS app for converting old-fashioned photo prints into digital images, has been updated. You all know it from our review about the iOS8-update from December, 10th 2014. Now they published following press release: May 15, 2015, Hong Kong — App Initio Limited is pleased to announce the release of the 2015 edition of Pic Scanner, the iOS… Read More »

Greenpeace Praises Apple Again For Environmental Commitment

In recent weeks it became once again clear, that for Apple environment is very important. For this reason, Apple has taken various measures to contribute. A few weeks ago the management announced the operation of two additional solar water heater in China. At the same time, Apple announced that it will reap a forest in the US long term.… Read More »

Tim Cook Meets Tim Cook Meets Chinese Vice-Prime Minister

In keeping with the extended environmental initiative by Apple in China and the opening of its own Weibo account, Tim Cook is currently on visit to China. During his stay in China Cook spoke with a local newspaper about various topics. Following the Apple CEO it had a meeting with the Chinese Vice-Premier Minister. Tim Cook met with… Read More »

Apple Patent – iOS Navigation With A Human Touch

iOS Navigation – The turn-by-turn navigation in Apple’s maps app, is with the voice of Siri very unpersonal and gives only instuctions like: “Turn right in 200 meters”. Apple wants to change this now and already applied in 2013 for a patent which has now found its way to the public. So the instructions should become more human… Read More »