IPCom vs Apple – Allegation: Patent Infringement

By | January 20, 2014

From Germany currently we received news of the company IPCom. This should have sued Apple for patent violations. The focus is on a patent that treats emergency calls with priority during network congestions.


IPCom against Apple. No one has probably seen it coming, did you? The Bavarian company is known for having a patent lawsuit follows on the next and almost in the chord. The patent lawsuit on Apple is related a patent for emergency calls, which is specified by the number #100A. At this number it is explained, outgoing emergency calls, while being on an overloaded mobile phone networks, will be treated with privileges.

Apple is accused just to use this patent without paying any license fee. IPCom now found himself forced against the big company to act and start a lawsuit for compensation. Apple responds to this accusation with an examination of the facts and records on a invalidity of the patent. Apple therefore is not alone. Companies such as Nokia, HTC and Vodafone have been sued by IPCom and initiated a similar action like Apple. Next Wednesday, the European Patent Office to clarify the validity of the patent. We are curious.

IPCom – the godfather of patent trolls

Among critics IPCom is decried as godfather of patent trolls. The company is accused to use patents only for for collecting money. Protection of patents IPCom seems not to be a priority, instead, for years the ‘godfather’ is looking for new victims. Samsung, the German Telekom and BlackBerry now make royalty payments. Apple refuses still against this settlement like other companies do.