Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter With Laser Saw Review

This is a review of the Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw. You will find all you need and want to know about this product here. All its features will be listed and explained. You will also be able to view a list of its advantages and disadvantages. By the end of the miter saw review, you will be able to decide whether or not this is the best miter saw for you.

The Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw is a great tool to add to your inventory. This will be a positive addition to both professional workshops and home workshops. It is light and portable but at the same time very powerful. Both enthusiasts and beginners will find the Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw very satisfactory.

Features And Benefits of the Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw

1. Hitachi’s Laser Marker System

This model comes with Hitachi’s Laser Marker System. This laser guidance will ensure accurate and precise cuts every time. It is turned on and off with a covered switch. It can be used even when the saw blade is not spinning.

As long as the laser point is on target, your cuts will also be on target. The best miter saws are the accurate miter saws. The laser marking system is a great help for better precision and more delicate cuts. Miter saws equipped with laser markers are also rare in this price range.

2. 10” 24-tooth TCT saw blade

A 10” 24-tooth TCT saw blade comes with your purchase. This stock saw is already a great saw for this miter saw review. Even this standard blade should be able to get through most common materials with ease. It will give acceptably smooth cuts every time.

Even with the tougher materials, the blade cuts really well. You might want to switch to a blade with more teeth for smoother cuts but using the stock blade will work fine as well. Hitachi makes quality blades and this is no exception. This blade should prove adequate for most cutting jobs.

3. 15-amp motor

The Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw is built with a 15-amp motor. This is a standard motor for non-commercial miter saws. The motor can spin the saw blade to speeds of up to 5000 rpm without loads. It is also not much louder than other saws.

4. Light build of 26.5 lbs

Portability is one of the biggest features of this product. The Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw weighs in at only 26.5 lbs. This is great news for those who plan to move around their miter saw. This is among the best miter saws for professionals who take their equipment from place to place.

5. Accessible carbon brushes

The carbon brushes that come with the miter saw are easily accessible from the outside. These can also be replaced just as easily. Replacing these will greatly prolong the life of the miter saw. Though the Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw is already very durable, maintenance is important even for the best miter saws.

6. Pivoting vertical fence

There is a flip-up fence at the side of the work space for better handling of the materials being cut. There are also other clamps to hold onto the piece you work on. Keeping the material stationary will make things easier and will make cuts a lot more accurate. This is especially helpful when working with vertical materials.

7. Integrated clamping system

The miter saw’s base has a clamping system to help keep it in place on most tables and platforms. The Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw can be both mobile and stationary depending on what’s necessary.

8. Thumb-actuated positive stops

The thumb-actuated stops make miter adjustments very easy. They are very accurate and convenient.

9. Horizontal handle with elastomer grip

The Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw comes with a horizontal handle. This is one of the more comfortable handle designs for miter saws. The handle also has an elastomer grip which reduces vibrations. This will make cuts and handling a lot more accurate.

10. Wide movement ranges

The Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw has a miter range of 0-52 degrees in both directions and up to 45 degrees to the left for bevel range. You’ll be able to make most standard cuts without straining.

11. Included dust collector bag

This model also comes with a dust collector bag. It is designed to minimize messes and clean-ups. Less sawdust will also prolong the life of the product. Unfortunately, like what many miter saw reviews say, this bag is pretty much useless.

12. 5 year-warranty

Hitachi grants all owners of their power tools with a warranty of 5 years. This is longer than most other warranties. Hitachi makes their confidence in their products’ durability apparent.
The Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw needs assembly out-of-the-box. This is mostly easy and straightforward. Calibrations have been made in the factory so there’s no need for further tinkering.

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  • Light and portable design
  • Hitachi’s Laser Marker System
  • Integrated clamping system
  • Pivoting vertical fence
  • Horizontal handle with elastomer grip
  • 5-year warranty
  • Clamping it down before doing any cuts will ensure accuracy.
  • Using the laser guide will also help.
  • The Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw can be bought at Amazon for $149.00. Save Up To $175.99


Ineffective dust collector bag

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What Customers Are Saying ?


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Both beginners and professionals will like the Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw. It performs great in most conditions. It is also quite simple to use so beginners won’t encounter a sharp learning curve with this. Professionals will see that this saw will perform superbly in work situations.

People have really been loving this product. Most miter saw reviews were very positive. There were also those proclaiming this to be among the best miter saws out there. The only thing that was disliked was the useless dust bag.


This is a great product. Most people will find it satisfactory. It will fit both professional and home jobs. The Hitachi C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saw is undoubtedly durable. It also has a nicely short price tag on it. For those looking for a quality power tool, this is among the best choices you have.

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