5 Steps To Build A Miter Saw Table. Easy And Safe

To bevel the edges of a woodcraft by hand can be hard and takes a lot of time. Whether you are operating or trimming around a certain building project, using a miter saw will make your job much easier. What is a miter saw? A miter saw is a carpenter’s tool that is used for woodworking purposes and for cutting pieces to rough length before moving on to more precise machines.

There are various miter saws available, but no matter how much you spend in a miter saw, the quality of every work will count more on your miter saw table than the miter saw itself. There are a vast already set up miter stands purchasable on the marketplace today, but they are pricey and not nearly as versatile as homemade miter saw table. You can actually make up your own at a cost of $50 or $60 in material.

What is the use of miter saw table?

Miter saw table supports long boards and is a great workbench for more than just cutting. As for tools, you will only need a table saw to cut the plywood and dividers to width, miter saw to cut the parts to length, and a screw gun to screw all the whole works together. Below are simple steps to follow to build up your own miter saw table.
Steps on building your own homemade miter saw table

1. Provide or buy the materials needed

  • Clamps
  • Miter saw, circular saw, table saw
  • Tape measure
  • Cordless drill
  • Level
  • Drill bet set
  • Socket/ratchet set
  • Framing square
  • Safety glasses
  • 4 x 8 plywood
  • 1 x 6 x 10 wood board
  • 2 or 3 2 x 4 x 8 wood studs
  • 4 hanger bolts and nuts (use the size that fits your miter saw)
  • Nails or Screws for fastening

2. Measure the Miter Saw

In order to measure the height, width and depth of the miter saw, it has to be noted that the width is based on the width of the whole saw, while the depth is the borderline of the table. It should be to the lowest degree deep for the saw to be securely on the table.
When it comes to measuring the height, you can measure it starting from the base to the miter saw in a flat hard level surface. The divider height can be measured by subtracting 2x the thickness of the plywood or measuring directly its height using a junk material.

3. Cut the Plywood

Cut your plywood 18″ strip and a 17.75″ strip for the bottom and top of the table. You will also need to cut the back to the height of the miter saw, and take account for the thickness of the bottom. The next step is to cut the top piece of the plywood (the shorter one) so you have a spot for your miter saw using a panel or circular saw; depending upon the width of your plywood.

4. Create the Dividers

You may use table saw or a hand saw to cut the 1 x 6 to the height of the miter saw. Again, take into account the bottom and top of the table. Measure off the same width as the top of the table then create a stop block by simply clamping a piece of junk so you can cut 6 dividers abruptly and evenly.

5. Assemble the Table

The last main important step is to assemble everything together. Make sure not to nail anything until you have made sure that it’s all the correct height. Once you’ve done that, nail or screw the pieces together to achieve your desired miter saw table output.

Safety precautions upon using miter saw.

Power miter saw are loud, sharp and horrific to use. It is very essential that you read the owner’s manual carefully and make sure you know and understand well the instructions written before attempting to use any tool. Take into account the applications as well as the limitations before use. Remember that they are dangerous tools if they are not used correctly and properly.

Below are some of the safety precautions that you need to follow and to ponder upon using miter saw.

  • Never place your hands closer to the blade. It must be at least 6 inches away of the blade. Hold your fingers against the fence so your hand won’t move and wrap your thumb over the work piece. Make sure that the blade rotates in the correct direction.
  • Always wear ear protection as well as eye protection too, as miter saws shoot out small pieces of molding at highly high speed.
  • Use the recommended size of blade.
  • Do not wear loose clothing or any dangling stuffs when running a miter saw.
  • Attach the saw firmly on a workbench or other stiff frame and operate saw at waist level.
  • Make accurate cuts. Once you have spotted the exact position of the blade on the board, use your thumb to move the measurement mark slowly toward the saw blade.
  • Split the pencil line. Always let the blade stop before lifting the motor in order to avoid accidents.
  • Always remember to turn the power off and unplug the saw.
  • Do not use electric tools in wet areas.
  • And lastly, never operate electric tools near flammable liquids, gaseous surfaces or explosive atmospheres.

Therefore, in order to achieve a precise cuts and make your job done faster, choose the best miter saw and design or build your own miter saw table. Always bear in mind the safety precautions as well as the proper handling of the tool to avoid unwanted and unexpected accidents while doing the job.

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