Benefits of Yogurt and Oatmeal for Glowing Skin

Benefits of Yogurt and Oatmeal for Glowing Skin

Yogurt and Oatmeal are a relishing breakfast combination and amazing superfoods for the skin. Wondering how this combination landed in skincare? How to apply yogurt and oatmeal to your skin? Worry not! We are here to answer all your questions through this blog.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of yogurt for glowing skin:

1. Intense moisturization

Yogurt is a rich source of fats and protein and is known to prevent dehydration or water loss from the skin. Hence, it locks in moisture and renders intense moisturization. Using a moisturizer like Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW Skin Brightening Deep Moisturising Cream SPF 20 PA+++ gives you all the benefits of moisturizing, glow, and sun protection. What more can you ask for?

2. Brightening

Applying facial masks containing yogurt is recommended to achieve skin brightening. Since yogurt has natural bleaching properties, it is your very own at-home brightening hack. Try Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW Skin Brightening Yogurt Masque to know what we are talking about!

3. Elasticity

Our skin tends to lose collagen as we age, thereby wrestling in reduction of skin elasticity. Yogurt is rich in amino acids and essential fats, which help stimulate the production of collagen by the skin, and also helps tighten the skin thus improving the elasticity of your skin. It will give you wrinkle-free and clear, smooth skin.

4. Fights acne

Yogurt is a rich source of probiotics that are useful bacteria which helps combat acne. Using yogurt helps kill active acne-causing bacteria and reduces inflammation as well. It puts up a protective barrier for the skin.

5. Soothes skin infection

Yogurt has antimicrobial properties. This means it can also banish harmful bacteria and ease other skin infections. It can also soothe inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and atopic dermatitis.

Moving on to the benefits of using Oats for your skin:

1. Gentle Exfoliation

It is essential to exfoliate your skin at least two to three times a week with a nice scrub. Oatmeal is one of the best  exfoliators for dry skin and is a beneficialscrub for oily skinOatmeal scrub also evens skin tone and boosts lymphatic drainage and circulation.

2. Protects the skin

Oats contain flavonoids that are compounds that help the body function effectively and protect it from chemicals and toxins. Flavonoids help absorb UVA rays. Safe Sun UV Screen MatteGEL Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++: is a gel-based sunscreen that protects the skin from pigmentation, redness, and discoloration.. Safe Sun 3 In 1 Matte-Look Daily Sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++: is a tinted, non greasy daily sSunscreen SPF 40 Sunscreen.

4. Natural cleanser

Oats contain plant based carbohydrates called saponins that  are responsible for soaking excess oil from the skin and removing the dirt. Oats don’t strip your skin of natural oils and hence won’t dehydrate your skin. It is a natural cleanser that removes dirt and unclogs your pores.

5. Benefits for other skin concerns

Oats are one of the best resorts to a pesky skin condition. Be it sensitive skin or dry skin, oily or irritated skin; oats are friendly to all skin types. One of the benefits of using this superfood for the skin is that it helps treat acne. And while acne is commonly followed by inflammation, oats can easily tackle inflammation too!

6. Improves your complexion

The answer to ‘Who wants a brighter complexion?’ will always be YES! If your skin has age spots, discoloration, or acne scars, oats and the proteins present can help improve your skin imperfections. The lactic acid and other protein compounds present in the yogurt helps inhibit production of melanin and improves the skin complexion.

7. Soaks excess oil

One of the biggest pet peeves of skin is excess oil production. This can lead to breakouts. Oats are known to be absorbent; they help the skin get rid of any excess oil build-up. When it comes to soaking excess oil, and you don’t have the time to yield the power of oats, a lotus toner can come to your rescue. Pair this with a scrub for your face for even better results! Lotus Herbals ROSETONE Rose Petals Facial Skin Toner provides you with all of these benefits and more!

Face scrub for women can also help with the removal of excess oil. The scrub leaves your skin clearer, cleaner and spotless over time.  Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW Skin Brightening Oatmeal & Yogurt Scrub contains oatmeal and yogurt enzymes that act as a gentle exfoliator and removes dead skin cells, dirt, impurities, blackheads and whiteheads from the pores. It also helps inhibit melanin production thus bringing a sheet imparting sheer glow and enhancing the complexion. The oatmeal also hydrates the skin and prevents the  skin from ageing.

How to use the Lotus Herbals WHITE GLOW Skin Brightening Oatmeal and Yogurt Scrub?

STEP 1: Cleanse your face using the Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW 3 in 1 Deep cleansing Skin Brightening Facial Foam. Use your fingertips to cleanse your neck and face using circular motions for a few minutes. Wash it off with cold water.

STEP 2: Now, take some amount of “WhiteGlow Skin Brightening Oatmeal & Yogurt Scrub” on your fingertips; this is considered to be the best face scrub for glowing skin. Gently exfoliate your face and neck using circular motions for a few minutes and wash it off.

STEP 3: Now follow up with the Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Face Mask. Gently let it rest for 10 minutes on the face and wipe it off with a soft cloth.

And just like that, Lotus Herbals takes care of all your skin nourishment needs! Yield the benefits of yogurt and oats for your skin, rejuvenate and refresh yourself with Lotus Herbals’ range of products.