Bosch GCM12SD Review – How Does it Stack Up?

Are you looking into getting the Bosch GCM12SD? Before you do, keep reading so you can find the pros and pitfalls of this saw. The GCM12SD is one of the more high end miter saws, so it is going to cost more than some of it’s competitors, but is it worth it? Keep reading below to find out what it has to offer!

What are some features that set it apart?

As the name implies, one of the best features that sets this saw apart is the glide system. Bosch has come up with their own patented system that is designed for smooth cuts and allows for completely precise control when making your cuts. Most other designs use a rail system to allow for a smooth cut, but without the rails here you can get the cuts you want and take up a lot less workspace. This is a good 12 inches of space saved, which for a busy workshop can be fantastic.

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Along with the great glide system, the motor provided here is a powerhouse. At 3800 RPM you are going to get quick cuts along with the accuracy the glide system provides. Providing a variety of 12 inch blades, you won’t be at a loss for the things you can do here. But what about the horizontal and vertical capability? You are going to love this one too! Along the horizontal line you are provided with a 14 inch capability, and with vertical you are provided with 6 /12 inch. Along the crown base you get another 6 1/2 inch against the fence at 45 degrees.

The other big thing to note with this miter saw is comfort. There are great grips that make it easy to hold on for as long as you need. The last thing you want when operating machinery is to have it wreck your hands. That and the dust chute allow for ease of use for the user. With the dust chute setup, cleanup becomes a breeze with this saw. Along with comfort, it is also easy to move. At 68 pounds it is pretty light for it’s class.

What is there to not like?

If you don’t care of safety that slows you down, then the safety switch the Bosch has may annoy you. There are a few people complaining about having to use the switch too often and having it slow them down. We don’t think it is a big deal, as it could help a number of people. If need be, though, there are instructions online for drilling out the switch to deactivate it completely. Another complaint is the hold down clamp. It is largely considered crap. Most people end up using their own, and it usually works out better than a stock clamp.

Full Feature Set

– Patented glide system for precise work

– Expanded cutting capactity

– Easy to read and move bevel for roof pitch angles

– High precision fence aligns

– Long, comfortable trigger handles

Final Thoughts?

If you are looking for a reason to not pick up the Bosch GCM12SD, then we don’t believe any of the few negatives customers have noted are worth turning you off. If you are looking for an all-around great product, you have one hear. We give it a high mark and would recommend it for purchase.

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