All android phones of different brands will not have same launchers,widgets,and fonts.Some of the buyers are not able to buy high end phones and atleast they want the look like the high end phones.
For example Samsung smartphone will come with different launchers,style,widgets and even fonts from other smartphone brand like Sony,HTC e.t.c
So when a person want to buy a high end phone because of two reasons one is the performance and the other one is their look.But some of the buyers are not able to buy highend phones due to budget problem and they buy lowend or midend phones according to their family budget.But by this they can’t get the performance like the highend phones but we can get the look for their smartphone like them.Since there are many Launchers,Widgets,apps and even Font customization apps.
And their phone look something different from others and by trying many launchers ,widgets ,wallpapers e.t.c.

But changing the fonts and their colours also let you get good experience and make your phone different from others.

Here are the some free apps to change your phone font style and colours.

1:IFONT: The app is designed to install beautiful fonts

on phone your.You can download and use hundreds of fonts
. to make your phone become lovely .It ‘s easy to change
system font! Beautiful fonts,Beautiful mood!

2:stylish fonts:Stylish Font is made with Motive to provide
stylish look to your Smart Phone with attractive Fonts.
It has various fonts having an option of instant preview so you can take a look how exactly font will look.
NOTE: This is the app NOT sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with the Monotype Imaging
Inc, the owner of the FlipFont trademark and technology.

For more font changers for your android phone.

Currently these two are top in the list and we will update more apps after some research.

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