Eminem celebrates 12 years of sobriety: ‘I’m not afraid’

He praised Puth for providing “an instantly hummable chorus”. The rapper’s attendance at the three-day festival was his last celebration before undergoing in-patient treatment next week. Macklemore first sought treatment for addiction in 2008. He relapsed in 2011 and again in 2014 and has also been open about a near-fatal overdose he survived. “It starts from a fun place but you end up in these situations and you can’t shake it off yourself, because it’s dangerous ,” he tells PEOPLE. “In the past 20 years, the overdose level has doubled. Especially with artists, especially with different people that don’t like to open with their problems.”

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Montana points out that that’s where NAQI Healthcare can come in — people struggling with all types of addictions can be treated discreetly, at their home or another private location. The program is currently available in Florida, New York, Texas and California, and will be expanding across the U.S. Sober for over two years himself, French Montana is ready to help others fight addiction. He also revealed that addiction plagued his mother’s side of the family as well, taking the lives of five of her six siblings. Later in the conversation, he revealed that his father’s struggle with addiction kept him from being active in Dro’s life. Emily Kirkpatrick is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair, specializing in all things pop culture.

Top Ten Sober Rappers

At first, he joked about his past experience with an edible. Then he noted that his “addictive personality” is what could potentially lead to his downfall. “I’m in a financial place where I can enable it myself, and I don’t ever want to be that guy,” he affirmed.

  • Later in the conversation, he revealed that his father’s struggle with addiction kept him from being active in Dro’s life.
  • Kodak Black’s appearance at the weekend’s Rolling Loud Festival was a pleasant surprise for his fans.
  • Despite selling drugs in the past, the rapper has never dabbled in marijuana.
  • On October 11, Flavor Flav was spotted at Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, hanging out with some Disney characters.
  • He apparently slept in the studio for two months straight with his girlfriend and new daughter.
  • I pay my bills out of clubs and concerts where my peers are smoking and drinking, popping champagne.

rappers who are sober skipped a planned drug test on February 3 before taking one on February 8 that revealed fentanyl use. However, many believe that it was a narcotics case, and the “Super Gremlin” artist had been released on bail. “So sorry…sending love to you and your family. Macklemore, whose real name is Benjamin Hammond Haggerty, went shirtless in the video, showing off his chest tattoos. He dubbed the clip with his new song “Chant” featuring Tones and I.

They abstain for personal and/or professional reasons

She praised both artists for playing off their contrast in styles. Deepa Lakshmin of MTV News felt “G-Eazy’s rap verses blend perfectly with Puth’s smooth vocals”. Mike Wass of Idolator regarded the song as “a bro-anthem” and “an ode to, and a cautionary tale about, drunken nights”.


“I think it was the baby that, you know, brought my faith back,” stated Chance the Rapper. After “Acid Rap” put him on the hip hop map he made the move from his hometown of Chicago to the sunshine of Los Angeles, California, “in a pill fog,” cited GQ magazine. One of those songs is already getting buzz — Uzi premiered a rager record at Rolling Loud California that spurned a public outcry for its lyrics, “I make a City Girl believe in Satan.” Lil Uzi Vert is seeing clearer than ever ahead of his “The Pink Tape” album release and tells us he owes the 20/20 vision to his decision to go sober.

Lil Uzi Vert Praises Sobriety, Made Friends Choose Best of 680 Songs

Who will you find on this rappers who are sober list? Eminem credits fatherhood with helping him to get sober once and for all. 50 Cent has never been a big drinker or drug user. Other sober rappers include Macklemore, Kendrick Lamar, Ice-T, and Andre 3000.

“I had an experience with alcohol that made me paranoid because of it and I stayed away from it,” 50 told Piers Morgan. In an interview with G-Unit, Tony Yayo confirmed that 50 Cent abstains from drugs and alcohol. Kid Cudi has been in the media quite a bit lately after recently entering rehab to treat depression and suicidal thoughts.

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His albums “Relapse” and “Recovery” deal with his addiction and his comeback. Eminem celebrated a significant moment in his battle with addiction on Monday. Despite his absurd and often offensive music, Tyler, the Creator has stated that some things aren’t for everyone, which was a reference to drug use. Joe Budden is best known for his work with hip-hop group Slaughterhouse. He has publicly stated that while many individuals can participate in the use of drugs and still function, he cannot. Rapper Macklemore credits his career to sobriety, stating, “It’s very important to go into the rooms of AA, smell the shitty coffee and be reminded that without sobriety, I would have no career.”

Does Eminem have any clean songs?

Well if you were to place one of his songs in the washing machine it would be quite clean. Yes, “We Made You” From his sixth studio album “Relapse” is known to be Eminem's cleanest song ever!

Despite selling https://ecosoberhouse.com/s in the past, the rapper has never dabbled in marijuana. Lupe Fiasco is definitely a great example for the youth. Slim Shady is legendary in the world of hip-hop and often has been very candid about his demons. After a near fatal overdose he began to piece his life together.


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