Everything You Know About Mern Stack: 2023

MERN Stack

In the growing era of digitalisation, everything is going live on the internet either through websites or mobile applications. From small businesses, and startups to big enterprises all are highly relying on these technologies in order to reach more audiences. Companies of the same niche are competitors of each other and to attract max audience, the representation of their website must be eye-catching and interactive with the users. In this article, I am going to share about technology which helps developers to create interactive, scalable, reliable, and robust websites and applications. There are various technologies available to develop but that may cost you more than expected. Let’s go through this article to know about Mern Stack which is a rapidly growing technology to develop highly scalable websites and applications.

What is Mern Stack?

Mern stack is a bundle of four robust technologies that is MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. All four are collectively capable of making dynamic and versatile web applications comprising backend, front-end, and database components. In simple terms, we can say that it is JavaScript that is used for the fast and easier development of full-stack web applications. As we all are aware of its four components which collectively help developers to develop robust and dynamic applications and websites. Now let’s discuss each of them in brief.

  1. M is an acronym for MongoDB- It is basically a database which is helpful in creating or preparing a documental database and it is a NoSQL (Non-Structured Query Language) database system. 
  2. E stands for Express- This component is quite helpful in developing the Node.js web framework. 
  3. R is an acronym for React- This tool of the Mern stack is known to be the most significant as it helps developers to develop a client-side JavaScript framework. 
  4. N stands for Node- As its term suggests, its main objective is to develop the premier JavaScript web server.

Why Should One Head Towards Mern Stack For Mobile and Web Applications?

As discussed above, Mern Stack is a JavaScript framework hence it is quite easier to develop robust and dynamic mobile as well as web applications. Let’s see what factors are making it relevant and an ideal choice for the same.

  1. Open Source- All components of Mern Stack are open source hence it is easier for developers to use and develop new technologies according to the market’s demand.
  2. Security- Making a secure application is a prior thing for developers and Mern makes it much easier for them to do so. For better security of applications, MongoDB and Node.js tools are used.
  3. Cost-efficient- Technologies involved in Mern Stack are built on JavaScript which makes it cost-effective and developers can develop an advanced application at less cost with the help of it.
  4. SEO Friendly- One of the most important factors about websites is their presence on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and much more. It is important for developers to create SEO-friendly websites and those websites which are built using Mern Stack are always SEO friendly.
  5. Easily switchable- As Mern Stack is written in a single language it makes it easy to switch between client and server. 

Future Of MERN Stack

The future of Mern Stack is looking quite bright as it offers everything that is required to develop dynamic websites and web applications. In today’s world demand for Mern Stack developers is on the rise because being an all-round developer who knows the back end as well as front-end along with the database is not an easy job at all. It opens various career opportunities for developers who can earn a lucrative salary in the same. 

Here I am going to share some specific areas where a Mern Stack developer can look forward to a dynamic career. 

  1. E-commerce websites and applications:- As per the report, there is rapid growth in the e-commerce industry across the globe. And because of it there is a high demand for developers who can build reliable and scalable websites or applications or both and Mern Stack developers are the primary option for them.
  2. Social Media and Messaging:- Mern Stack is also beneficial for creating social media and messaging websites and applications. It allows performing special programs such as handling large amounts of data and supporting real-time communication. In a recent survey, it was found that this kind of application is highly in use and the crowd is more than expected. 
  3. Healthcare:- This industry is also embracing digitalisation to support telemedicine, patient management, and other healthcare-related functions and for that, a platform is a prerequisite and that can be websites or applications. This ultimately gives rise to the demand for Mern Stack developers.
  4. Fintech:- Nowadays websites and applications are necessary to support financial transactions, payments, and other financial services. Mern Stack developers also play a crucial role in the fintech industry and one can demand a decent salary package. 

Use Cases of Mern Stack

The ultimate goal of Mern Stack is to enhance the overall performance of the application. But, it is quite helpful in handling complex projects and suitable for the development of mobile applications. Let’s see here some of the real-world use cases of the same.

  1. Expense Tracking Applications

With the help of its JS framework, it allows developers to build data-intensive expense tracker apps. Implementing this one can track his/her daily expenses and keep that record, one can also add data visualisation features like-

  • Comparison of actual and budget spent
  • Tracking sales and receipts
  • Managing tax deductions
  • Record of daily expenses
  1. Media Streaming Applications

It is known as the best application of Mern. developers can create interactive social media forums with the help of its JS framework. One can also create social media pages with some of the following features.

  • Feeds sharing
  • Advertising
  • Web News
  • Commenting and Liking
  1. Web-based Marketplace Application

Everyone nowadays is heading towards e-commerce and it has become one of the important business trends in today’s era. With the help of the JavaScript framework, you can create web-based marketplace applications with dynamic features like-

  • Account Creation like Sign-up or Login
  • Real-time Bidding
  • Payment Gateways Features
  • Inventory Management
  1. Remote Learning Application

One of the growing industries in today’s world is Edtech. One of the notable use cases of Mern is creating web-based educational applications. During the pandemic, this industry has grown exponentially and created hype for remote education. Online classrooms can be built by using Mern with the following features-

  • In-built Messaging
  • Share Documents
  • Upload Lectures with Chapters
  • Monitoring of Student’s Progress.


Mern Stack has its own reputation in the field of development. It offers several features for developers to develop dynamic websites and applications with the help of the JavaScript framework. There are various use cases which reflect its significant features in the real world. Not only this but, it also opens various career paths for novices to shape their future in the field of development. There is a huge demand for Mern Stack developers and companies are ready to offer fat salary packages. But, to earn a huge one should have to be certified in this domain from a well-established institute. If anyone who is ambitious to become a reputed developer can join APTRON for Mern Stack Course in Noida