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Do you want to purchase electronic products? Are you looking for help in choosing a legit website? Ezafte has been used by many people to find affordable, high-quality electronic products. Ezafte, an online shop located in the United States, sells products such as Apple phone cases, Siri remotes and wireless printers. You must verify the Ezafte Review and the legitimacy of the website before you purchase anything.

We will now provide information about the legitimacy of Ezafte.

Short on Ezafte

Ezafte, an online shop that sells electronics, has many products. Ezafte offers buyers many options when it comes to selecting products. Here is a list of products that Ezafte sells:

Alexa smart speakerApple Silver airtagFire 4K TV Stick with Media Stream Player and Voice Note AlexaTabletBattery CartridgeMini HomepodIphone silicone case

Is Ezafte Legit? This is an important thing to know before you buy anything from this shop. We’ve already mentioned some of the items that are available on this site. Before purchasing any type of product online, it is important to do some research. While some sites may appear legitimate, others are scams. We provide reviews of legitimate online shopping sites to help buyers be aware of fraudulent ones.

Ezafte Shop

Shop for a magic mouse at https://ezafte.com/Email address: support@ezafte.comContact number: The Ezafte Review has provided a contact number at +1 862-266-9714.Address: 6191 St Murray State, UT 84107 USShipping policy: Goods will be in transit for approximately 5-7 days.Return policy: You can return the products within 30 days of receiving them. The products can be returned within 30 days of receiving them.Payment Mode: American Express, Google Pay, PayPal, Mastercards, Discover, JCB

Positive Highlights

Contact number, email address, and address are all available.Https is being followed.Orders above $99. qualify for free delivery

Negative Highlights

There were no reviews on the official website or online reviews site.Social media has no pages.

Is Ezafte Legit?

Online shopping is relaxing, until you are fooled. Many online shopping sites sell genuine products. However, it is not difficult to see that many sites are deceitful. Customers have a responsibility to thoroughly research any website before making any purchase.

These are some of the factors we believe may help you determine the legitimacy and credibility of this website.

Registration Date: This site was registered 31 March 2022Registrar: 123-Reg LimitedTrust Score : This website has a trust score of 1%. This website has a very low trust score.Reviews: There are no Ezafte reviews on any online site or official website. Other customers’ reviews are not available.Social media: There are no social media pages on any platform.Policies The official website contains all the relevant information and the policies.Data Security: Websites that use HTTPS protocol are secure. This is a great way to earn customers trust, but it cannot be trusted all the time.Incomplete information: The website does not include the owner’s details. All other information, such as email address, contact number and address, policies and payment methods are available.

Ezafte Reviews

The owner provided contact information, email address and shop address. The official website does not contain the owner’s information. According to our research on different online review sites, the official site, social media, and other sources, we did not find any customer reviews.

This site is not recommended for purchase of any product. Many factors indicate that this site cannot be trusted. All the factors that can determine the legitimacy of the site have been listed. To avoid being scammed by credit cards, buyers must also do their research before buying any item from this site.

In a nutshell

We conclude the Ezafte Review post. We couldn’t find any trustworthy aspect that would allow us to declare this site legitimate. Site has a trust score of 1%, which is considered a lower Trust Score. Site is approximately three months old. Based on trust score and life expectancy, the site cannot be considered legitimate. Be alert to PayPal Scamming. To learn more about electronic products , you can visit this link.

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