Hitachi C12RSH Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review

Are you a carpenter or a wood worker? If yes, then you are well-aware of the problem about cutting wood. The task sounds easy and self-explanatory but overall, it is actually very hard especially that you have to meet standards such as quality and accuracy. Not to mention that in carpentry works, you have to cut numerous types of wood into different cuts.

The task is actually quite tedious and mind-boggling. How do you even cut a wood into angles with pure accuracy? Well, now, this is not anymore a question to be regularly asked thanks to miter saws. They are literally God’s gift to all wood-workers with different tasks to carry out. They are accurate and powerful, built to cut all types of wood with amazing cut quality.

If you are now convinced that miter saws are the solution for your everyday carpentry dilemma then you can take a look at the Hitachi C12RSH which is one of the best in the market. It packs a lot of features that will surely get you the best quality results for any type of woodworks.

Features of Hitachi C12RSH

  • 15 amp motor

One of the things that plays a part in woodworking is smoothness of cuts and one of the ways to guarantee this is to have a strong motor in your miter saws. The C12RSH does not trail behind in this category since this is equipped with a powerful 15 amp motor that has an 1850 watt output capacity. Overall, it is very strong that it can cut any type of wood smoothly like a butter with a hot knife.

  • Turning miter table

A turning miter table is a common feature that you can find in almost every miter saw. The only unique with this one is that it features micro-adjustments. The additional adjustment is a small knob that allows small adjustments as you turn it to achieve your desired angle. The turning miter table can even reach up to 46 degrees to the left and 57 degrees on the right. On both sides are positive stops in angles 45, 31.6, 32.5, 15 and the base angle, 0.

  • Flexible bevel

If you are wondering what’s new with this, it is actually that it also has a micro-adjustment knob the same as the miter table. There is also a locking lever to hold the saw in place on the 0 degree angle for perfect vertical cuts.

  • Flip fence

The fences are actually multi-purpose. At one point they are tall fences for cutting crowns and at another point, they can be easily flipped to become longer instead of higher for supporting long baseboard cutting.

  • Depth adjustment

Other than the miter table and bevel adjustments, you also have a small knob that is a depth adjustment. This allows you to not fully cut through a piece of wood but instead only partially cut it. This is helpful to be able to make grooves and indentations on wood for certain tasks.

  • Laser guide

The feature that makes this saw extremely accurate. A line can be seen that previews where the saw will land. It even has an adjustment knob to give you the choice whether to cut on, to the right or to the left of the laser line.

Advantages of Hitachi C12RSH Sliding Compound Miter Saw

  • Compact

With the 12 inch blade, don’t expect something bag-like compact but if you have limited space on your work place, there is a new mechanism which allows it to save more room. This is because the slide rail system is unique and can be adjusted so that it would not protrude.

  • Portability

It is not that light but it still fits the category of being portable. It weighs an average of 66 pounds which is quite heavy but can still be movable without the need of additional help nor will it cause body pains.

  • Accurate

With all the features like the strong motor, laser guide as well as the micro adjustments, there is no more reason for a jagged or an inaccurate cut.


There is nothing wrong with this device despite some negative responses caused by a few factory defects. Though you will be having problems about the brand, Hitachi. The technical support is as slow as a turtle with minimal to no response even if you already sent not less than 20 emails a day. You might actually need to contact support since the manual is not all that detailed but this can be remedied with forums and support that are very vast in the online community of miter saws.


For all these amazing functionality as well as great build-quality, the device now just comes at a slashed down price of $469 which is actually already a very great deal. Other miter saws with such features are still priced at $600 to $700.

Whom is it best for?

You are now finally left with the question, “is this what I need?” Despite the numerous features, if you are not a heavy worker, you might want to prefer something else. This is purely made to be in a workshop rather than be brought to the field. It is also made to work with large sized wood because of its adjustable fences and large blade. Not for simple hobbyist or simple home renovations. It is too much for such tasks.


Overall, this is a miter saw that has a lot of knobs all attached for one purpose, adjustments. This means that it is a very flexible device to fit different work demands and that it is something equivalent to a black-ops soldier: agile, stealthy yet powerful.

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