Incredible facts about Moissanite

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As the most prestigious gemstone in the world, why is Moissanite considered royalty? Find out some fascinating information about the most exquisite gem in the world. And also if you are looking for some rare and unique wedding bands you must visit Tungsten Rings Direct webpage.

Moissanite is rarer than a diamond

In terms of rarity, moissanites found in nature are on par with or even above that of diamonds. As a result, most moissanites used in modern jewelry were produced in a lab.

Although superficially comparable to white diamonds, moissanites have their own unique characteristics. Differences include the enhanced brilliance of moissanite, which is seen by many as a positive.

Conflict-Free Moissanite

Moissanite, unlike mined diamonds, has a traceable and ethically sourced origin. Moissanite provides reassurance to many buyers, who value a more ethically minded option in fine jewelry.

It’s a very unusual gemstone, indeed.

One of the rarest jewels ever discovered, moissanites continue to be a valuable commodity. In truth, today’s gemstones are entirely synthetically produced in a laboratory. Therefore, if you’re looking for a sustainable accessory that won’t compromise on appearance, this is it.

Moissanite is resistant to high temperatures.

The following are some of the many benefits of utilizing Moissanite in exquisite jewelry, thanks to its higher heat resistance capabilities compared to those of many other jewels:

  1. Because moissanite gems can be cast in place, the jeweler has more freedom to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are custom-made for each client.
  2. Heat is less likely to harm Moissanite rings for wedding during jewelry repairs.
  3. Moissanite jewelry can withstand the high temperatures generated by a regular house fire.

In terms of rarity, naturally occurring moissanite is even more exclusive than diamonds.

As a result of its rarity, moissanite can cost more than a diamond. The rarity of a gem is determined by how common it is or is thought to be. By far, the rarest gem in existence is moissanite.

Since there is so little Moissanite in the natural world, it cannot be used to make jewelry. Despite a century’s worth of study, only a few few businesses throughout the globe have mastered the art of cultivating Moissanite crystals of sufficient quality for use in jewelry.

Moissanite is called by some special names

Moissanite has a number of nicknames, including “Space Diamond” and “Stardust.” The original cosmic myth about jewelry’s lowly beginnings inspired these names, which have since been adopted by jewelry connoisseurs all around the world.

Final observations on moissanite

The Moissanite gemstone has been a boon to the jewelry market. Different colors of Moissanite can be created by adjusting the chemical components throughout the production process.

Additionally, this makes Moissanite’s flammability isotropic. This indicates that dispersion can be observed from any vantage point. Because of its quality, Moissanite can pass for a diamond.