PXM platform makes introducing new products easily

However qualitative and engaging your products and content may be, they won’t drive sales if you cannot get to the market in time. Internal and cross-channel transfer of product information is at the core of every eCommerce business. Without effectively sharing this information, no business can survive and scale up in digital commerce. Or rather, they need to be fast enough to launch their products in online marketplaces.

The thumb rule of today’s fast-paced digital commerce is that the earlier you get your product out in the market, the more attention you will get. Be it retail shelf, ecommerce marketplace, own website or through product catalogs. A bit of delay in reaching the potential customer would mean a loss of sales opportunities that no brand would entertain at all. Would you, as an online seller, like that?

Today, most brands and retailers deploy a Product Experience Management (PXM) platform to be able to syndicate content at lightning speed. One of those platforms is Amaze PXM, the industry’s first AI-powered, cloud-native software that brings PIM, DAM, and Syndication capabilities into a single platform. The software is adept at streamlining both inward and outward syndication. Before diving into how it makes introducing new products easy and quick, let us know what it is and what it would mean to your business once deployed.

Introduction to Amaze Product Experience Management

Amaze PXM is product information and experience management SaaS that empowers brands to deliver customer-centric, personalized, and omnichannel shopping experiences. The software leverages AI & ML technologies to inform companies about customers, products, markets, and trends, which help deliver relevant, consistent, and contextual product experiences.

It provides eCommerce companies with a single source of truth for all their product information. Since Amaze PXM centralizes the management of product data, organizations can effectively create a customer-centric product experience based on what their customers need, create engaging content, and intuitive user interactions. Top of all is its powerful syndication capabilities, with which organizations can offer the right information to the right audience, at the right time, in the right way and as per the template set by various eCommerce marketplaces.

As a holistic approach to digital commerce, Amaze PXM consists of many robust tools, including PIM, DAM, and Content Syndication. All these modules work in synchrony to deliver consistent and compelling product experiences across all touchpoints. While Amaze PIM is responsible for curiate, creating, authoring and managing product content, the digital asset management platform streamlines the management of brand assets. As for content syndication, it is there to ensure internal and cross-channel transfer of product information.

The power of the content syndication

The syndication capabilities of Amaze product experience management software allow launching new products to the market at lightning speed. It enables organizations to distribute high-quality, channel-specific product information across all touchpoints. The best thing is all this happens through automated operations.

Automated onboarding and syndication help brands meet the need of any outbound channel or eCommerce marketplace you want to connect with. By ensuring the content is complete, accurate, contextual, and up to the standards, syndication streamlines the distribution of information to every channel where shoppers interact with products and make buying decisions. The result is extended outreach, improved conversion rates, and increased sales.

More about Amaze syndication

It supports inward and outward syndication. Moreover, it provides fast and easy integration with 100s of eCommerce platforms and distribution channels. Amaze syndication works equally well for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Whether you receive information from multiple sources or send it out to various channels, it works both ways.

Everyone in the supply chain, from manufacturers to distributors and retailers, may have a different catalog structure. It requires each of them to transform data so that it can match each other’s standards and requirements. Amaze PXM makes it possible. Manufacturers can deploy outward/forward syndication to align with the required formats of eCommerce marketplaces and distribution channels. On the other hand, distributors can leverage inward syndication to transform data to fit their catalog standards. All this makes onboarding products easy, fast, and efficient.

Get speed, scale and agility with Amaze PXM’s single platform solution for PIM, DAM and data syndictation. Try Amaze, schedule a demo today.

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