Reasons Why You Should Opt For Sisal Carpet In Your Home

sisal carpet in your home

The sisal carpets are becoming a highly popular choice for natural rugs amongst buyers. And rightly so, as these rugs have many characteristics favouring their use and offer many advantages. Sisal weaves are highly durable. If used properly, these can last up to three decades!

Characteristics And Uses Of Sisal Carpets

  • Due to its hard-wearing and tough fiber, sisal flooring covers are suitable for homes with large families, or those having pets and children. Sisal flooring is available in a wide range of colours and natural patterns. Thus, you can pick an option, which matches the current colour tone of your home decor.
  • In the naturally woven form, sisal fibres are highly stain-resistant. But, these should preferably not be used in bathroom and kitchen areas. Sisal fibres are sensitive to moisture.
  • The hybrid design in sisal carpets means you have a softer version of the carpet providing a more desirable use and versatility.
  • One can use the sisal carpet in various diligent ways in different parts of home to produce a unique and classic look. Thus, you have living areas and bedrooms oozing warmth and comfort. Moreover, sisal rugs are anti-static and do not attract dust or debris. Thus, these are not only super easy to clean; rather these are useful for people who suffer from dust allergies.
  • If you are going to keep sisal flooring covers in areas receiving sunlight, make sure, the complete carpet is exposed to the sun. Otherwise, it may lead to variability in the tone and appearance of the carpet. You can rotate the carpet every day to expose the alternative area to the sun. This ensures a uniform a change in colour.
  • Sisal has a tendency to absorb moisture. In dry conditions, this moisture gets released and the rugs may shrink a bit. Thus, you have a home having healthy humidity levels when a sisal rug is placed therein. Due to this characteristic, sisal carpets should be acclimatised to space by keeping them there for at least 24 hours. This helps the rug gain an appropriate dimension and these can then be fixed onto the flooring through suitable means allowing for contraction and expansion with varying levels of humidity.

Other Unique Aspects Of Using Sisal Rugs

  • Sisal rugs provide for an eco-friendly choice. These can be recycled at any time you choose to select another kind of natural rug.
  • You may use the sisal rug in layering designs using other kinds of rugs. This not only renders a unique look to the room but it can increase the functionality of your possessions.
  • When you have a room having rich and bright colour tones, it is preferable to choose rugs for your room in neutral colours. However, you can also opt for bordered options wherein the colour of the border compliments with the room decor and colour scheme.
  • The flat woven and the hand-knotted styles are ideal for larger rooms with busy walls and fabrics options in furniture.
  • In rooms having a modern and minimalist look, it is better to have textured and patterned carpet designs in order to add interest.

A sisal flooring cover has a great potential for lending an awesome style sense in your home in a subtle manner.