Regular housekeeping cleaning

Cleaning services

Regular cleaning will be personalized according to your needs and those of your home.

We offer you a range of services that go together, such as window cleaning, cabinet interiors, appliance interiors, and much more.

Special Services

Do you need carpet washing or cleaning after renovation or before/after a move? We are there for that.

17 years of experience in professional cleaning

Cleaning service company Seattle Commercial Cleaners

Let Seattle commercial cleaners take care of your household chores. We believe in providing quality services.

Assistance Ménage Inc. is a leading residential and commercial housekeeping company in Janitorial and surrounding areas. We have been offering exceptional services for over ten years, satisfying thousands of customers.

Professionalism and reliability!

All our maids and servants are well-trained and experienced.

Let our teams of professional housekeepers take care of the cleanliness of your home! Your comfort at home is our priority! Premier Cleaning Services specializes in residential housekeeping. This is why we guarantee you a residential office cleaning service Seattle that will satisfy your needs in the long term.

We have the right solution for your cleaning service needs; check with us for a free quote.

Opt for a green household!

At Premier Cleaning Services, we take your health and well-being to heart

Premier Janitorial Services offers all the products necessary for regular household maintenance! The products that Assistance Ménage uses when cleaning your home are all biodegradable. Using green cleaning products is our pride! These products used to clean your residence are also very effective and will not leave any traces of dirt.

Our company offers many services in the field of housekeeping in Janitorial and surrounding areas to meet all your expectations regarding cleanliness. Whether for your home or business, regular cleaning or occasional housekeeping, we are here to serve you!

Do you want to come home from work and find your home immaculate?

Call Household Janitorial! We proudly offer our customers our regular housekeeping services in greater Janitorial. Whether weekly or bi-weekly, our teams of professionals will keep your home clean at all times. We are committed to cleaning your home according to your chosen plan. The housekeeping service at your home gives us an update on the cleanliness of your home. Our housekeepers will listen to you, take your priorities into account and satisfy all your requirements, leaving your home impeccable cleanliness.

Premier Cleaning Services also offers occasional housekeeping services in Janitorial and surrounding areas to serve you in all circumstances. Do you want a thorough spring cleaning for your home or prepare it for an event? Assistance Ménage provides you with a highly efficient, in-depth cleaning team! Our cleaners in Greater Janitorial will try to reach every corner of your home, moving furniture and appliances to remove dust wherever it is. Occasional housekeeping services include wall, ceiling, window, carpet, and other household services that can be tailor-made to meet your needs.

We select the cleaners who will come to your home for safety reasons!

Indeed, your peace of mind is important to us, so we carefully select the cleaning ladies who will enter your home. The reliability of our employees is a key element of our success! In addition, our housekeepers have all received high-quality training to offer you a high-quality cleaning service. Accumulating years of experience, they will allow you, thanks to their efficiency, to see your home in a new way. Whether franchisees or a company team, the training in which all cleaning ladies who work under the Premier Janitorial Services take part can last up to 5 weeks and aims to develop the efficiency of employees in their work as well as to determine the behaviors to avoid towards vis-à-vis customers. Today, most of our employees and franchisees have developed an extra-professional and friendly relationship with their customers. Indeed, according to the culture of Premier Janitorial Services, human contact is the basis of everything.

Our housekeepers are reliable and unparalleled in their efficiency when providing housekeeping in Janitorial and surrounding areas!

The household cleaning products used by Assistance Ménage are all biodegradable. Choosing which cleaning products to use is an important decision in which we consider the product’s quality, effectiveness and components. Indeed, the environmental issue is very important to us. This is why we only use biodegradable products and recycle all used materials. Since then, we have ensured that all the products we use during housekeeping services in Janitorial and surrounding areas are hypoallergenic and do not pose any other form of harm to your health.

To ensure that all our standards of quality and respect for the environment are respected, we require all our franchisees to use the products prescribed by Assistance Ménage during the cleaning services they provide.

When one of our teams of housekeepers or a franchisee takes care of your home, all the products necessary for the provision of housekeeping in Janitorial and surrounding areas are offered by Assistance Ménage. We bring everything we might need, and we leave nothing behind!

Today, many clients benefit from our housekeeping services in Janitorial and surrounding areas. The territories covered include Janitorial  Island, the South Shore, the North Shore and the West Island.

The steps to access our services are very simple. First, call us at +1-253-245-1534 or write to us at we know what you need, we work with you to set a date for a free, no-obligation estimate. During this estimate, we explain in detail the work that will be carried out in the housekeeping service in the Janitorial and surrounding areas. Finally, we give you a quote and determine the start date of the service.

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