Some Easy Ideas for Paintings on Canvas

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or have never picked up a brush before, this carefully compiled list of painting projects (for both adults and children!) is sure to spark some creative juices and have you thinking about picking up a paintbrush. Many artists still use canvas even though there are many other solutions available. There is no shortage of creative ideas of Canvas wall art artwork Paintings, and using canvas makes long-term storage easy.

 Splash Art

Make a canvas solid with paint, then spatter it with bright colors. DIY this job outside where you won’t have to worry about paint getting on furniture or walls.

 Pixel Artwork

Develop a pixelated design by arranging a grid of colors all of the same shade. Make squares on your canvas that are all the same size and then paint each one a slightly different color. Everywhere from the living room to the bedroom to the office would be a great place to display your polished painting.

Yarn Art

Are you in need of some inspiration for a canvas painting? Think about creating some yarn crafts. You’re free to use any combination of yellow, blue, and green paint on your furniture. Make a gallery out of your hallway or living area by hanging many pieces.

Butterfly on a Flower

The combination of flowers and butterflies would make a lovely painting. Because blue and yellow are complementary colors, this beautiful combination of a sunflower and a blue morpho butterfly really stands out.

 State Canvas Art

Create artwork that reminds you of a special place, whether it’s your hometown or a university you attended. Create a two-tone painting by first drawing the outline of your state. Circle or heart out significant urban centers to highlight them.

 Painting dogs

It may appear like only trained artists are capable of creating a convincing dog portrait. When you know what you’re doing, though, it’s just another day at the office. In addition, the challenge in painting a dog lies in capturing their expressive gaze.


Moonscapes are a great canvas for artists of all ability levels. Choose a square canvas (or use this one), paint it black, and then trace a circular object (the moon, for example) onto it. Draw some craters on the moon and use this as an opportunity to hone your shading skills. When you’re done, paint in the night sky above the ocean and the moonlit sea below.


Take your hand at painting this wreath, which would look great hanging on your door during the holidays or reimagined with spring flowers.

Colorful SunThere is nothing complicated about this potential masterpiece of a painting. To make a sun, simply draw one and fill its rays with varying tones of color.