The Undeniable Charm and Glamour of an Elegant Chess Board

When you look at the game of chess and the international sporting events it inspires, you will find that people all over the world admire and adore it. Chess has a long history, with the earliest texts referring to the origins of chess dating back to the beginning of the 7th century. Today millions of people worldwide play chess.

A simple glance at the classic chess board black and white colours is a familiar sight for a lot of us. Many newspapers around the world include their own variation of daily chess puzzles for avid fans. Many books, novels, movies, and even TV series have been made on the game of chess. Here are some reasons why a chess board is charming and glamorously appealing.

Anti-Discriminatory and Noble Game

Perhaps one of the most beautiful aspects of chess is that it holds no bias. There is no age, race, or gender discrimination. There have been grandmasters of the game in the past that were young teenage kids, women, and even older folk. It is a game that anyone can play with another player and go all out with their strategy and moves. But most of all, it carries a sense of nobility and has often been described as a game of ‘Kings’. In fact, in some areas of the world, it was presumably also used to teach war tactics. Nevertheless, chess is quite noticeably known throughout the world, and you can pretty much play it anywhere you want.

Perfect Decoration for the Studious

Since chess is pretty much played by not just following the rules, knowing the rules, but in fact, crafting a strategy and thinking ahead of your opponent, it is a very thoughtful game indeed. A chess board gives off a very intellectual and scholarly vibe to your room. Particularly in a library or study room setting, it can serve to be the ideal decoration piece. Not only does it stand out with its contrasting coloured pieces and the board on top of which the pieces stand, but it naturally looks good too. You can find chess boards and pieces made from striking materials, including crystallized glass, premium wood, stunning marble, and unique stones that can intoxicate you with their dreamlike appearances.

Travelling is not a Big Deal

Another reason why a chess set is such a good item to buy is that many of the chess boards are easy to carry and some are even specifically designed so that you can travel with them without any hassles. Travel-friendly chess sets come in an assortment of designs. The simplest ones allow you to fold the chess board in half and offer you a dedicated box to keep all the pieces in one place. Some brands and manufacturers also provide you with a carrying bag so that you can take your chess set with you while travelling on the road or by air. These chess sets are purposefully kept light so you can carry them and, when packed, take little to negligible space so that you can fit them with the rest of your luggage without a bother.

Your Friend Will Love it as a Gift

Giving someone you love a chess set as a present or a gift on their special day or occasion is a great idea, especially if you know them well and they appreciate the sport as well. As I mentioned earlier today, you can find chess sets made out of absolutely gorgeous materials, which makes them look even more dazzling. There is just so much variety to choose from that you would probably go bonkers thinking about just what to pick. Plus, giving someone a chess set would surely make a huge impact on the receiver, and they are likely to remember you for it for the rest of their life.