Unlock Your Remote Teams with Cloud-Based Video Conferencing

The global pandemic has changed the process of entire business operations in the past few years. That situation generated a new work culture, which we call remote work culture. Undoubtedly, this hybrid work system is powered by video conferencing features.

Today, workers all over the world have started working remotely. Meanwhile, more than ever, they connected to their professional meetings via mobile devices such as laptops and tablets. They also want a seat in the company meeting now without their presence. For this reason, they expect to interact in the meetings in person, and they are increasingly receiving it today because of the cloud-based video conferencing feature.

An Asset of Hybrid Work Culture:

Corporate organizations around the world today are switching to cloud phone systems for the advanced features available. They want a video conferencing solution that can provide a simple and instantaneous experience from anywhere in the world. Remote employees can do it on the go; today, it is in high demand. 

Therefore, cloud-based video conferencing solutions ensure business meetings that are both cost-effective and scalable for businesses.

There are a great number of advantages to organizations while sending video conferencing related to cloud-based solutions. If a business has a hosted PBX, video conferencing for your business can be set up or moved to the cloud in relatively less time, and that too with a little investment of time and money.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the advantages of cloud-based video conferencing and its benefits for remote workers. Let us dive in!

Low Costs: 

The primary benefit of businesses choosing cloud-based phone solutions is the low operating costs of cloud video conferencing. Hence, you must understand that cloud-based video conferencing is remarkably affordable for remote workers across different locations. In this way, businesses can evolve and adjust to the shifting workforce trends. There are no concerns regarding the setup of infrastructure or hardware, as it is very easy.

Because there is no need to install expensive infrastructure, cloud-based video conferencing implementations do not need expensive setups.

Easy to Manage: 

Video conferencing in the cloud phones is easier to set up, and one will not need a techie to do the job. Also, you can manage and use it with no complications. Because it is easy to set up, it has very requirements of the IT supporting team. Business video conferencing can remove the need for meeting rooms because cloud-based video calling has services and tools that support desktop and mobile users too. You won’t have to worry about technology upgrades because the service provider will be responsible for the necessary upgrades. 

Improved usability: 

Today’s technology is automatic, and the cloud-based video network will continue to function without your concern because the service provider will typically manage the solution. Through this web console, administrators can easily control users and settings. This makes their jobs easier and lets them access data.

Ensuring data access to the staff: 

A suitable cloud-based video conferencing solution should be available for every employee and meeting room. With the help of cloud technology, company staff on the floor and those who work remotely get access to the company data. Through this, agents can understand the customers better by examining their past conversations with the company.

Utilize automated software updates in the cloud: 

Once a business has adopted a cloud-based business phone system, it might never worry about using outdated software again. When the team uses cloud-based video conferencing, feature updates in the cloud are connected to all video systems and apps automatically. And this makes sure that the team is using the most recent software.

Team interaction: 

This option can give you peace of mind because any team has to work as one unit. You can hold meetings with co-workers, partners, and suppliers. You can even interact with anyone who isn’t part of your organization. On the other hand, the internal communication of a team ensures a solid foundation for teamwork for the best productivity. Today, teams can confidently conduct their meetings with the support of encryption.


Most importantly, cloud technology can give you the convenience of interoperability for multiple users (even multiple devices too). You can use any preferred devices that can be connected to the internet. For example, they must use standards-based video systems such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Data Security:

At the basic level, an internet-based business phone system can be classified into 2 types. Hosted/cloud-based and on-premises PBX. For your information, on-premises services guarantee complete security for your business if your agents interact with customers frequently. On the other hand, cloud-based venture capital’s (VC) work is all about protecting sensitive company/customer/client information so that it remains immune to vulnerabilities.

So, for a business, a cloud-based video conferencing solution ensures a greater sense of security by preventing hackers and third-party’s private networks from using a firewall program.

Allows sharing and recording: 

In the case of business meetings, recording important meetings to view later is an important practice. This makes video meetings an important part of your business operations. Take any device, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone; you are allowed to record video calls with a single click. Additionally, recorded videos can be accessed, stored, or shared in a well-organized personal video library for easy viewing and sharing at the time of need.


Take any sized business, which can be small, medium, or large; there is a presence of remote workers everywhere today. So, do your research to find the cloud-based video conferencing service of your choice and offer your remote employees support no matter where they are located. Collaboration and seamless communication is the goal of technological advancement. 

While the majority of businesses across the globe have adopted technological advancements to meet the never-ending requirements of the companies that gradually transform the business into customer relations, still, some firms have yet to try them out. After discussing all the above scenarios, you may feel challenged in the initial stage while implementing enterprise video collaboration. Cloud-based business systems help remote workers with straightforward cloud-based video meeting solutions with minimal training and installation requirements. For more information about cloud phone solutions or a free demo.Vitel Global India promises the highest uptime, simple system administration, and quick addition of new members from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all of your staff can connect easily regardless of the devices they each use. Why not request a demo today?