Why consider anti-fingerprint laminates in matte finish

When you make it to the end of your decoration plan, after sorting out every little detail of the new design, you save the ultimate conflict for the last. The big question remains: should you go for a gloss or matte finish? If you choose to go with a matte finish, there are ceratin things you need to keep in mind.

Matte finish laminates were always popular, but now they are a staple of modern interior design. One of the many advantages of flat finish laminates is that they are made to be anti-fingerprint and scratch-proof. You should definitely consider this feature while opting for matte-finish laminates.

Why consider anti-fingerprint laminates in matte finish

  • Laminates are used in many household applications. In fact, matte finish laminates are perfect for hiding the little imperfections on the surface. But we all have those moments when we notice thumbprints and handprints on the newly made surface, and our heart sinks. Long gone are the times when you had to witness this sad moment. With anti-fingerprint properties, your laminate surfaces will remain impression free. These make them easier to maintain.
  • If you choose stone finish laminates or any form of textured laminates and use them especially on the surfaces like Kitchen countertops or floors or in the washroom cabinets, it might not be the best idea. Even though the stone finish is smooth and easy to clean, it is a little challenging to maintain these particular types of laminates. Stone finish laminates and textured laminates tend to trap dirt, making it tough to remain clean. The more it comes in contact with water, dirt and fingerprints, the faster it will become a playground for bacteria. This will make your home a perfect place for diseases.

But if you choose matte finish laminate sheets with anti-fingerprint properties, you don’t have to be on alert to keep wiping it off always. Matte finish laminates with anti-fingerprint properties are also waterproof and scratch resistant. These qualities make matte finish laminates an excellent investment in the long run.

  • Anti-fingerprint quality is also available in high-pressure laminates. So, now you can opt to use anti-finger laminates in a matte finish on any surface on which heavy things are kept. From tabletops to book cabinets- your new sustainable surface solution is here.
  • Anti-fingerprint matte finish laminates also contain antibacterial properties, which significantly reduce the chances of ailments.

The power duo: matte finish and anti-fingerprint laminates

Matte finish laminates are perfect for pretty much all surfaces. From flooring to wardrobe, cabinets to wall panels to countertops-matte finish can be used for any application. These laminates are best for surfaces which come in contact with wear and tear, scratch marks and fingerprints. Colour laminates with matte laminates are great at covering little imperfections.

Matte finish laminates are the exact opposite of high gloss laminates. Coloured laminates with matte finish laminates provide a muted finish with almost zero light reflective properties. They give your interior a classy and sophisticated look. If the texture is what you are looking for, a matte finish should be your pick.

One of the primary reasons why homeowners and designers choose anti-fingerprint laminates is because they are super easy to maintain. When you have a lot of members in your home, joined by children and pets, matte finish laminates are going to be your saviour. Your advantages will double up if you especially opt for impression-free matte finish laminates. This quality will be especially helpful if you have little children and pets in your home.

Royalé Touché is one of the most popular laminate brands in India. We have a large variety of laminate designs made by the most advanced technologies. Our collection is so versatile that we have something for everyone. Matte finish laminate is the new trend in the interior decoration industry. It is a perfect option for a complete yet minimalist approach that will give a brand-new unconventional outlook to your household.

To conclude, we can agree that matte finish laminates with the impression-free property are something you can definitely benefit from.